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  • Updated on Feb 15, 2024
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For some travelers, food might be the most important part of the journey. We have seen your Instagram and Facebook food pictures! So we want to talk about our favorite Nepali meal, Dal Bhat. Dal- lentils Bhat is cooked rice. Is it so simple? No way.
DalBhat is a traditional meal, which you can also find in countries such as India and Bangladesh. This is a staple meal that Nepali people eat AT LEAST once a day, if not three. The expression you might hear or see on tee-shirts is Dal BhatPower 24 Hour. And does it give you power, or just leave you feeling like you might explode. With these Nepalis running up and down mountains in sandals, they sure do need power! So get ready to get the taste of Dal Bhat in Nepal now, Rugged Trails Nepal is all set for 2024 & 2025 adventure trips.

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Dal Bhat Power, 24 Hours No Diarrhea, No shower

  • Dal Bhat is traditionally served with a curried seasonal vegetable (Tarkariin Nepali-DalBhat Tarkari), sauteed spinach (Saag), and if you choose, curried meat.

The meat offered is usually chicken, buffalo, goat (mutton), or fish, and the gravy is absolutely delicious. Along with this comes achar, or spicy pickle, and a spicy tomato-based sauce. Often, curd or yogurt is served with the meal as well. Those with some Ayurveda knowledge, try some ghee over your meal for a buttery deliciousness... If you want to be a true Nepali, you might also want to try it with raw chilies! So mix it all together with the mountain of rice and enjoy!

DalBhat is also a cost-efficient way to eat in Nepal, with prices ranging from 250 rupees to 700 rupees, although higher in the high mountains where the ingredients are often carried on the back of a porter. And you will always get seconds. Taste varies from kitchen to kitchen and from the city to the high mountains, so have some fun exploring your favorite restaurant or a home-cooked meal in one of our homestay packages!

Locals also typically eat with their right hand (left is considered unsanitary). The technique might be tricky, and at first, you might have rice all over your face, but the trick is to use your thumb to shove the food into your mouth. Sounds fun, right? There is something really special about eating with your hands in the high mountains.

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Nepali fun:

  • Pugyo! (poogiyo): Full/Enough! ,
  • Mithothiyo (meetoteeyo): It was good.
  • Khanna piro chha! (khanna peero cha): The food is spicy!
  • Pani dinus! Please give me water!

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