About Drive Tour Nepal

Explore and Experience the Majestic Mountains country Nepal on the road is with doubt a unique experience. Drive Tour Nepal will allow you to discover in total freedom a Himalayan country that is just perfect to explore Nepal. Rugged Trails Nepal has created for you some itineraries that are great for those who prefer to explore the High Mountain Trips and local parts of Nepal to explore and exchange the cultures. You will be surprised by the terrain, landscapes, people, and obviously the snowy Himalayan peaks. Drive Tour is mostly private and some are related to the departure dates but Private trips are exciting for having control over their own vacation. 

In Nepal, there are some places where you can have fun on a self-drive tour. Mountain trips are mostly with the local guides and local drivers but depend on the area and after completing certain paper works we arrange Self Drive Tour in Nepal. You may not see the tour you looking for so write to us with your tentative travel dates, rough ideas of places and number of people. Or simply write us your travel dates and people size we will give you the best tailored made Nepal Drive Tour Packages