Why Rugged Trails Nepal?

Why Rugged Trails Nepal 
We always adhere to our professional services so that our clients fly back to their countries not only with the nice memories but also with the satisfactions of their investment and traveling. We welcome clients and a guest but we send them back as a family. You may wonder why to choose Rugged Trails Nepal over a plethora of others

Government Registered:
Rugged Trails Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is a full government registered and associated with TAAN, NTB, NMA, and PATA so you can be assured of traveling with a legally recognized company for all your trips. Furthermore, since we are locally owned trekking agency in Nepal, you can contact us directly and avoid having to pay extra to the international agents as their commission.

Core Values:
One of our core values is to treat all the travel enthusiasts like our own personal guests and not as fodder to run the company. We believe in creating unique experiences that are tailor-made for all our clients. Our clients will get to see and imbibe, not only the time tested Himalayan experiences, but, we also create ways to immerse them culturally, environmentally and communally.

Value for your money:
Our company is a local company registered here in Kathmandu and when you book with us you do not have to pay extra for the same service. This will not only save you a lot of money in the form of extra pay you will have to do for the international agent but you will also be able to discuss your trip with the local people with information provided locally. By doing this you are also helping a local agent sustain.

Responsible Tourism:
We are great believers of Responsible Tourism. We provide good wages to our staffs including the porters and make sure they are well equipped during the trek. They are fully insured and are treated well.?We believe our responsibilities and not just looking after those involved in the field we are working in but also towards the society as a whole. And what better way it would serve the society than to serve the once who give us birth but are left alone when they need the same amount of love and care. Rugged Trails Nepal is involved with the following organization.

“Older Care Foundation” An institution that cares about people of old age in various forms such as charity works to create funding, feeding and their health check-ups during various occasions. Our small help towards the institution may not bring a change in the society but it brings a smile to those people in the institution that needs love, care, and support.

“Pahunch” works for the betterment of people living in poverty. Supporting the livelihood of the people from various walks of life, this organization helps people by generating an alternate source of income that helps them and their family. So when you book your travel with us, you are not just traveling but also helping these people indirectly.

Helping Hands:

10 % profit and some charity trips such like Everest base camp yoga trek money will go to the Village school to purchase Computers.