About Newly Opened Trekking Routes Nepal

We are excited to invite our guests to adventure on the Newly Open Trekking Routes In Nepal. Newly opened routes mean to explore the unexplored places, remote, and nontouristic areas of Nepal. Thorough such discovery of newer and newer places, Rugged Trails Nepal believes that travelers will not only have the real adventure but also will contribute to the tourism industry of the country, which is a primary source of income for its peoples.

We are conscious of the impact of globalization on remote regions of Nepal, and use culturally sensitive tourism practicing with our guests. Newly open trekking destinations offer you a different experience as you will go through the remote and picturesque landscape, villages, cultures, where you will have an opportunity to spend your time with local villager's life and surrounding hills. These treks will provide you an exciting, unique, and memorable trips in Nepal. This opportunity is perfect for those returning to Nepal after exploring the more popular routes, and for those who are adventurous, open-minded, flexible, and with an explorer spirit!
Please contact us by email for more information about Newly Opened Trekking Routes In Nepal. Far West Tour packages are not listed on this site and it's completely unexplored destination of Nepal but if you are interested in Far West Nepal Trips to contact us.