About Remote Region Trekking Packages

Rugged Trails Nepal offers remote region trekking that is even more secluded and untouched than our Off the Beaten Trail treks. Remote Region treks are more difficult to trek in than Annapurna, Everest, and Langtang regions due to the inaccessibility and lack of services available. Remote Region treks give you a wonderful opportunity to see the pristine Himalayan scenery, spectacular panoramas, wildlife, the indigenous culture, and an unspoiled environment. Remote Region trekking also offers trekkers to gain insight into the simple agricultural life of the indigenous people, giving the feeling that one just stepped back in time. Some of these treks take lengthy bus and jeep rides on rugged mountain roads from Kathmandu just to reach them. Some of these regions are not even accessible by roads.

Most of these trekking routes are fully organized camping or homestay treks. The conventions for the restricted areas were designed mainly to protect the culture and environment of remote areas and to provide safekeeping from commercialization and globalization. Join with Rugged Trails Nepal for an unforgettable once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the untouched magic of Nepal and its people.

}If you are looking for thrilling adventures like Man vs Wild trips in Nepal then our teams say pick any of the below packages, we will take care of safety issues and security but some treks are not possible to organize for a single person. For this kind of trekking packages, we have to send a bunch of teams with cook, sherpas, guides, and porters so the trek price will be expensive. Remote Region Trekking Packages are suggested and updated after our guide's suggestion because our guides had been there and they are trail makers.