About Volunteer in Nepal

We are excited to present our volunteer program at Rugged Trails Nepal! We believe in the connectedness of mankind and are dedicated to giving back to the communities of our beloved homeland, Nepal. In Nepal, unfortunately, there are many corrupt volunteer opportunities that misuse program fees charged to foreign volunteers, or they are not honest about the service provided.

At Rugged Trails Nepal, we provide an honest and non-profit volunteer program, giving back to the community we love while also giving our volunteers a rewarding experience. Our program fees cover your accommodation, food, transportation costs, the fee for your personal assistant from Rugged Trails Nepal, and nothing more. 

Our program offers volunteer placements in schools, health posts, village farming, construction, and childcare.  The placements are located in Ranikot, a rural village that lies just outside of Kathmandu Valley, and in Charikot, a small mountain city approximately 5 hours by bus from Kathmandu. Placements can vary in time, although we recommend at least one month to really immerse yourself in the work and make a difference in the community. Our staff provides volunteers with support around-the-clock to ensure their comfort and satisfaction in their chosen placement. If you want to add some adventure activities and trekking in Nepal, Rugged Trails Nepal gives you the best deals. 

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

 Mahatma Gandhi