About Off The Beaten Trails

Off the Beaten Trails, treks are also known to be least explored and forbidden trekking area in Nepal. These treks offer our guests a truly unique experience in Nepal, away from the more popular trekking routes. If you are not interested in crowded tea houses, queues of trekkers, and want to feel like the only foreigners in the area, these treks are designed for you. These trails travel through remote villages and take you to more remote areas of the country. Accommodations range from home-stays with families who have guest rooms prepared for trekkers, organized camping, or simple hotel stays. Off the Beaten Trails, treks allow our guests to immerse themselves in the local lifestyle and hospitality, in the unspoiled beauty of Nepal.

Upper Mustang, Upper and Lower Dolpo, Naar Phu valley and Tsum valley, such this region trekking are known as Off the Beaten Trails. To visit this area trekkers need to obtain a special permit. Rugged Trails Nepal is operating trekking trips in numerous of restricted trekking areas in Nepal, some of the frequently organized Trekking Trails in Nepal. These restricted areas allow for foreigners to explore the regions, while also trying to preserve the culture of the people. Check out our treks below and let us know if you have any questions.