Get What You Pay For

Most companies have single, fixed prices for their trekking and tour packages. We do have the standard, fixed pricing as well. This includes all transportation in a private vehicle, all meals, farewell and welcome dinners, a guided tour around Kathmandu, domestic airfares (on certain treks), standard teahouse accommodation, and much more.

You can spend a little more money and have an even more luxurious trip. These packages might include a mountain flight near the soaring Himalayas to inspire you and jazz you up for the upcoming trek. If you choose this route, you get to indulge in the nicest guesthouses along the trail, with hot showers included (where available).

Another option is a budget trip. Here, you can reach the trailhead by tourist bus rather than a private vehicle. You can stay in budget teahouses or at a more economical hotel in Kathmandu. If you choose to pay for your own meals along the trail but still would like to have a guided trek with transportation included, let us know! There is a suitable option for all types of travelers, whether you want the best of the best or simply the most bare-bones package to witness the Himalayas.

So, the choice is yours! We are open to all sorts of suggestions. Let us know if there are things that you prefer to have included or excluded in your tour or trekking package, and we will do our best to make it happen! We make all the necessary arrangements for your perfect package.