About Homestay in Nepal

Our homestay tour in Nepalese villages is one of the best ways to observe and experience Nepalese traditions, customs, and lifestyles. On the homestay tour, you will live in traditional Nepalese houses where you will interact with people, immerse yourself in their culture, learn the local language, participate in the agricultural lifestyle, and observe the local religious practices. The homestay tour is perfect for those looking to gain first-hand knowledge of Nepalese culture. These homestays are located in both remote villages in Nepal as well as on more popular trekking routes.

Homestay tourism is pretty much famous these days all around the world, and in Nepal too. We, the Nepalese people, welcome guests as gods in our villages and houses. There are many different homestay tours in Nepal, such as in big cities, typical villages, and in a remote part of the country. In big cities, you will be able to stay in nice, well-furnished houses, but in villages, we can't expect western amenities. Especially in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan, homestays are good places to learn about local Newari people's cultures, food, and lifestyle. To learn about and get to know typical Nepal, it's better to visit villages where lifestyles, dresses, living standards, and cultures are still unchanged.

Rugged Trails Nepal founders and co-founders were born and grown in typical villages, so we better know how and where to take you. Our founders still visit their village to grow rice, work, farm, and do other social-cultural activities. We guarantee you that we will make your visit easy and comfortable, but we don't want to promise you our amenities, like your home. Come and explore with us in our home; we heartily welcome you to learn, exchange, and share our cultures and lives. Some trips are not listed on our site. Email us your interest and length of visit to Nepal, and we will make the best of what you are looking for.