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  • Duration7 Days
  • Price from$475/ person
  • Difficulty LevelModerate
  • Max Altitude4,130 M (13,545ft)

The short Annapurna base camp trek itinerary for 7 days is a customised trip plan from Pokhara. The Himalayan ranges that include Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Machhapurchre surround the well-known Annapurna base camp trek.  About 2/3 of the tourists in Nepal make their first choice in the Annapurna region, which is easily accessible. With ample lodges along the route and a panorama of hills, the trek here will offer a good view in comfort.

About Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek

The ABC Trek, also known as the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, starts in Pokhara, which is one of the most peaceful and beautiful cities in Nepal. It is one of the most scenic treks in the region because it gives the trekkers a view of Lamjung, Dhaulagiri, Mt. Fishtail, and, of course, the Annapurna range itself. This popular short Annapurna Base Camp trek passes through village settings, pine forests, rhododendron forests, and the spectacular views of the Annapurna Range, Gangapurna (7454 m), and Machhapuchhre (6999m). Along with the views of the magnificent Himalayas.

Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek: Highlights

  • Peoples, Cultures, Food, and Lifestyle.
  • Amazing Annapurna Himalayan ranges.
  • 360-degree view from the base camp.
  • Natural hot springs at Jhinnudanda
  • Beautiful Pokhara valley with lakes.
  • Beautiful landscapes, rivers, and waterfalls.
  • Lifetime Memories with Rugged Trails, Nepal.

Rugged Trails Nepal makes your travel easier by arranging a short Annapurna base camp trip from Pokhara. Our team is flexible with your dates and wants to make your trip memorable in Nepal. The short Annapurna base camp trekis one that will also take you through a variety of terrain, from lowland villages to glaciers to the views of the Himalayas. This trek can be organised all year, but the monsoon season (June, July, and August) will be quite different because of the heavy rainfall. However, if you love greenery, wild flowers, flora, and fauna, then this is the perfect time. The Winter Annapurna Base Camp Trek is another exciting way to celebrate Christmas and the New Year at the Annapurna Base Camp. We make a tailor-made itinerary for a special time of the year, so feel free to write to us.

Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek; Best Season

  • Winter (December through February)

Particularly when you get to higher altitudes, it is rather chilly, with occasional snowfalls. December may be a better option because it is often dry, steady, and clear.  ABC's daily average temperature is between 8 and 12 degrees during the day and less than 2 degrees at night. Along with the breathtaking sights during this time of year, nature and its environment are special and intriguing.

  • Spring (March through May) 

Rhododendron blossoms in March and April make the surroundings incredibly vibrant and lovely. There are stunning vistas and a bright, mild climate. At this time of year, ABC has daily average temperatures of 15 to 18 degrees during the day and 7-8 degrees at night. Despite the fact that it is pre-monsoon season, some days may be gloomy. Particularly a crystal-clear glimpse of the diverse ecology in the area.

  • Autumn (Sept through Nov)

Considering the beautiful blue sky, the weather is steady. Neither it is too hot nor it is too chilly. Consequently, the weather is fantastic. During the ABC trek, the daily average temperature for this season is 14–15 degrees during the day and 5-8 degrees at night. The vistas are so uninterrupted, serene, and unobstructed.

annapurna base camp trek season

Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek: Lodding and Food

We will eat both western and local Nepalese food on our brief climb to Annapurna Base Camp (Italian,Indian,Continental, Tibetan, etc.) You can order from the menu, and drinking water is an additional fee that you can pay along the route to get mineral water, boiling water, or filter water. 
There are clean beds, pillows, and warm blankets in the tea shops, lodges, or accommodations in Annapurna Base Camp, but the rooms will always be frigid. Just the dining hall will be heated.

Short Annapurna Base Camp; Trekking Gears

Depending on the time of year you visit, you will need different hiking equipment for Annapurna Base Camp. Get ideas for packing the right gear by checking out the list of trekking supplies at the link below. You may purchase equipment in Pokhara or Kathmandu if you forget to bring it at the last minute. The Porters will handle your baggage; you will just need to carry your valuables. Bring a small daypack with you on the hike so you can transport water and valuables like your wallet, passport, and other items. You will only bring the items that are absolutely required for the walk. Rugged Trails Nepal will provide duffle bags.

Short Annapurna Base Camp; Travel Insurance

For this journey, you must have travel insurance. While most people have insurance, your policy must also cover air ambulances, medical care, and helicopter rescue. Check out WorldNomads and other options for travel insurance.

Is a 5-day trek to Annapurna Base Camp possible?

Yes, the 5-day trip to the short Annapurna Base Camp may be made even shorter from Pokhara. We'll take a jeep from Pokhara to Sewai, which is close to Chhomrong Village, then hike through Jhinu Danda to Chhomrong Village. Here is a 5-day trekking itinerary for the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. If you want to start from Kathmandu, then it is also possible to just fly early in the morning to Pokhara first and start the trek. 

5 Days Annapurna Base Camp Trek Itinerary

  • Day 1: Drive to Sewai from Pokhara and hike to Chhomrong (2,170 m/7,120 ft).
  • Day 2: Trek from Chhomrong to the Himalaya Hotel (2,900 metres (9,514 feet))
  • Day 3: Himalayan resort Trek from MBC (3,700 m/12,140 ft) to ABC (4,130 m/13,550 ft).
  • Day 4: ABC hike to Sinuwa (2,360m/7,742ft)
  • Day 5: Drive to Pokhara via Nayapul after the Sinuwa hike to Sewai.

short annapurna base camp trek cost

How Do I Reach Pokhara to Join the Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek?

There are 3 ways to get to Pokhara: a 25-minute fly with a Himalayan view, a 5- to 6-hour private vehicle drive (with an optional rafting break), or a tour bus. The tourist bus departs from Kathmandu to Pokhara around 7 p.m.; therefore, it is feasible to travel by bus at night.

Short Annapurna Base Camp; Trek Price 2024 and 2025

Depending on the duration of the walk and the number of hikers, the price of a short Annapurna base camp trek starts at 500 USD. Get what you paid for, as they say! We set up everything from a little stroll to the norm. Due to the hotels and accommodations, this walk route cannot be considered luxurious. Price has no bearing on our services. We strive to satisfy all of our clients, regardless of how much they pay.

How do I book the short Annapurna Base Camp Trek? 

The Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek is something I am prepared for. That's fantastic! To issue the trekking permits for the Annapurna Base Camp, you must now provide us with your passport copies and passport-size photos. You can pay a 25% deposit for the hike and the remaining balance in cash or by card in Pokhara. Write down the name of your hotel, hostel, or apartment for pick-up; our guide will get there. You will receive an Annapurna Base Camp trekking map.

Wait, is the Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek difficult?

A few months prior to turning one, Malaysian toddlers performed this Annapurna Base Camp expedition. Even though the toddler wasn't walking, we are talking about AMS. The schedule was created with altitude in mind. Although you don't need to be athletic, you should be physically and psychologically prepared for a 5-7 hour walk with a small day pack. Cycling, swimming, and stair climbing are all beneficial for the voyage; moreover, if you practice yoga and deep breathing methods, this is excellent for you.

  • Learn Nepalese words We have listed some helpful words that will help you in Nepal and during the trek. 

If you have enough time and want to extend your vacation longer, then  Annapurna Base Camp Trekking and Ghorepani Poon Hill full-length trek (15 days) from Kathmandu to Kathmandu might be suitable for you.

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Annapurna Base Camp Winter Trek

Final call for Annapurna Base Camp winter trek, let's celebrate New Year in Nepal Himalayas. Want to join Annapurna Base Camp from Pokhara ? email us before 26th Dec.

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The below Annapurna Base Camp short trek plan is for 7 days, but again, if you have limited time or want to extend the trek itinerary, we will be happy to customise the plan. While extending the Annapurna Base Camp, we can cover Ghorepani Poon Hill, Tadapani as well, which is already part of the set trip plan for Rugged Trails Nepal. 

For some people, if they are looking for a 7-day Ghorepani Annapurna Base Camp Trek plan, then we are also here to assist you. 

  • Day: 1
    Pokhara Drive to Nayapul and Trek to Ghandruk.

    The plan starts between 8 and 9 in the morning, depending on the spring and autumn seasons. However, we will update the time the day before, and your guide will meet you at the hotel.

    We're going to drive through Nayapul on our way to Syauli Bazaar. Many firms have started their trek routes from Nayapul; nevertheless, we don't think this path is worth taking. From Pokhara, it will take approximately 2 hours to travel. at the interim, our guide will finish the requirements at the Annapurna Conservation Area (ACAP) checkpost at Nayapul.

    Once we exit the car, the trail passes through little settlements in the area. As soon as you arrive in the picturesque village of Ghandruk, traditional stone buildings and the gracious hospitality of the Gurung community will greet you. Amazing views of the Machhapuchhre (Fishtail), Hiunchuli, and Annapurna South ranges can be seen from the town. According to lists, Ghandruk will rank among the most picturesque little mountain villages to visit in 2024.

    Driving time: 2 hours (from Pokhara)
    Walking time: 3 hour max
    Total Walking Distance: around 5 KM
    Altitude: 1940 M
    Difficulty level: Easy
    Overnight stay: Ghandruk village (Hotels, Lodges)
    Meals: Lunch, Dinner
    Himalayas: Annapurna South, Himchuli, Annapurna III, Machhapuchhre.

    If you are in Kathmandu and want to start the plan from Kathmandu, then it's possible. How? Take an early-morning flight to Pokhara from Kathmandu. It's a 25-minute flight, and the airfare starts at 100 USD. Another affordable way to reach Pokhara is by taking a deluxe night bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara. The road trip will be almost 5 hours, and you can begin the hike to ABC.
    • Day: 2
      Ghandruk Trek to Chhomrong.

      On your first day in Ghandruk, awaken to the magnificent Himalayan sunrise. If needed, breakfast can be served earlier than 7:00 am. The timing will change according to the circumstances; your guide will. Since this is true for most mornings on the journey, please pack your backpack before arriving for breakfast.

      Ascending towards the Kimrong River is how our journey starts. Ghandruk Hill's base is where this Modi Khola tributary flows.

      Reaching the river, get ready for a strenuous ascent. Via the terraced farms of little rural settlements, the trail narrows and climbs sharply. You will ascend switchbacks for the first time on this journey.

      Our journey will take us around five hours of hiking to reach Chhomrong, a quaint Gurung town perched on a hill. Beautiful views of Mt. Fishtail and the Annapurna mountain range can be seen in this charming settlement, which features traditional stone buildings. Arriving in Chhomrong, you can enjoy the view while eating lunch that will be waiting for you.

      Walking time: 5–6 hour max
      Total Walking Distance: around 10 KM
      Altitude: 2170 M
      Difficulty level: Moderate
      Overnight stay: Chhomrong village (Lodges)
      Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
      Himalayas: Annapurna South, Himchuli, Annapurna III, Machhapuchhre.

      You can take a leisurely stroll around Chhomrong Village, as it is home to numerous eateries, bakeries, gift shops, and cafes.
      • Day: 3
        Chhomrong Trek to Himalaya.

        Savour a scrumptious breakfast while you take in the breathtaking views of the Himalayas. Following breakfast, we'll take stone-paved staircases that lead down into the hamlet. Before we reach Chhomrong Khola, which we'll cross on a quaint wooden bridge, there are more than 1,000 stairs to climb.

        From Sinuwa, your Himalayan journey really begins. Onward, the trail meanders through the thick forests of the Annapurna Conservation Area. The colourful rhododendrons, junipers, birches, and firs that border the walkway will wow you. The powerful Modi River winds through little canyons to your right.

        Before arriving at the lunch location that your knowledgeable guide has selected, we continue our ascent gradually. You may relax knowing that they will choose the ideal spot for you to take in the scenery.

        Walking time: 6-7 hour max
        Total Walking Distance: around 15 KM
        Altitude: 2920 M
        Difficulty level: Moderate
        Overnight stay: Himalaya (lodges)
        Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
        Himalayas: Annapurna South, Himchuli, Annapurna III, Machhapuchhre.

        You may need hiking poles, so it's better to pack and keep them with us since the porters will not be walking together.
        • Day: 4
          Himalaya Trek to Annapurna Base Camp via MBC.

          The big day of the Annapurna Base Camp trek! Today, we'll finally reach Annapurna Base Camp. As always, we'll begin our hike after breakfast.

          The trail after Deurali (3200m) can be tricky, with a higher chance of avalanches. Be sure to follow your guide's instructions closely.

          Once you reach Machhapuchhre Base Camp (MBC), you won't need to worry about landslides as much. Beautiful mountain views will be all around you here.

          Some people might experience a minor headache after MBC due to the cold, but it's usually nothing serious.

          The walk to Annapurna Base Camp will be filled with photo opportunities, so keep your camera handy! Don't miss the chance to capture the incredible sunset from the base camp; it's a truly magical experience.

          Walking time: 6 hour max
          Total Walking Distance: around 10 KM
          Altitude: 4130 M
          Difficulty level: Moderate
          Overnight stay: Annapurna Base Camp. (Lodges)
          Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
          Himalayas: Annapurna South, Himchuli, Annapurna III, Machhapuchhre, etc..

          Don't hesitate to inform your guide if you are feeling uncomfortable.
          • Day: 5
            Annapurna Base Camp Trek to Bamboo.

            Get up early to take pictures of the Himalayas at sunrise. We will travel the same route to Bamboo after breakfast, so enjoy the morning and take lots of pictures. This will be our fourth day of walking there. Proceed with caution, as it is about to descend. 

            Walking time: 6-7 hour max
            Total Walking Distance: around 14 KM
            Altitude: 2345m
            Difficulty level: Moderate
            Overnight stay: Bamboo. (Lodges)
            Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
            Himalayas: Annapurna South, Himchuli, Annapurna III, Machhapuchhre, etc.

            • Day: 6
              Bamboo trek to Jhinu Danda (Hot Spring)

              We follow the same trail back up to Chhomrong Village. From Chhomrong, we descend a rural footpath towards Jhinu.

              Jhinu, popular for its natural hot spring, is about a 2-hour descent from Chhomrong. Consider visiting the hot spring with your guide upon reaching Jhinu Danda, or you can save it for the next morning.

              Walking time: 5–6 hour max
              Total Walking Distance: around 8.5 KM
              Altitude: 1,740m
              Difficulty level: Moderate
              Overnight stay: Jhinu Danda. (Lodges)

              Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

              Himalayas: Annapurna South, Himchuli, Annapurna III, Machhapuchhre, etc.

              • Day: 7
                Jhinu Danda Trek to Mokyu - Pokhara

                We are mentioning the Jhinu trek to Mokyu for 1 to 2 hours, but if the jeeps are there (next to the Jhinu Bridge) and the roads are in good condition, we will cross the Jhinu Bridge and take the jeep  straight to Pokhara without walking. 

                Walking time: 30 minutes to 2 hour max
                Total Walking Distance: around 1 to 3 KM
                Altitude: 830 m
                Difficulty level: easy
                Overnight stay: Pokhara; accommodation is not covered. 
                Meals: breakfast, and lunch

                Extend Your Trip

                What's Included

                • Full Board (breakfast, lunch, and Dinner) in Trekking
                • Accommodation during the trek (local lodge).
                • The government registered an English speaking trekking guide.
                • Annapurna Conservation Park fees, TIMS Card.
                • Equipment and clothing for porters & staff.
                • Insurance for all staff and allowances.
                • Transportation to and from the starting and ending points of the trek
                • First Aid Kit for the Annapurna Base Camp Trek.
                • Short Annapurna Base Camp Trekking Map.

                What’s Excluded

                • Nepal visa: Multiple Entrée (30 days): USD 40
                • Lunch & dinner during the hotel stay in Pokhara
                • Personal gear and clothing (available on hire)
                • Tips for Guide & Porter (not fixed as per your wish).
                • Any expenses incurred in an emergency evacuation, roadblock due to any reason.
                • Table drinks and snacks while walking
                • Personal insurance and medical evacuation in case of emergency.
                • Service other than those mentioned above.


                • 4 Days Annapurna Base Camp Trek

                  - Christophe Grammare, Australia

                  Following a last-minute decision to escape from Singapore during a long weekend I enquired with Rugged Trails Nepal if it would be manageable to reach the Annapurna Base Camp in 4 days. From the first time I contacted them by Email I got a very quick response back from Nirajan and very quickly we were looking at the options available. We agreed that as long as I wasn't shy to extend the walking hours a bit each day it would be feasible, so I signed up for it and Nirajan took care of everything from my arrival in Nepal at Kathmandu to my transfer by plane to Pokhara and by Jeep to the trail starting point. With only about a week notice everything was organized, and despite a late arrival from my side due to a delayed international flight, Nirajan was waiting at Kathmandu and transferred me to Pokhara without any issue. From Pokhara, I carried on with my guide Indra who has been amazing all the way. Despite some logistical setbacks due to Monsoon road conditions we made it to the trail as planned and set off to ABC. It took us 2 days to reach the ABC, the first day was a tough (hot) and reasonably long hike, but the second day was pretty reasonable and we made it to ABC by 3 pm 
                  Despite the monsoon season, we were blessed with great views in the morning before heading back down- with 2 easy days hiking we were back to where we stated and even made it to Pokhara in the evening to enjoy a nice dinner and the beautiful walk by the lake.
                  The following morning Indra took the time to show me around Pokhara to get a feel for the city before seeing me off back to Kathmandu where Nirajan took the time to show me around Kathmandu before seeing me off.
                  All together the Rugged trail Nepal team has been awesome, communication was great and I felt really looked after all the way, they truly went beyond what I would have expected to be helpful all the way and left me with amazing memories and pictures of a 6 days trip (from Singapore and back).

                • Annapurna Base Camp Trek with Rugged Trails Nepal

                  - Michael, Australia

                  On Christmas Day 2017 we began our journey to Annapurna Base Camp with Rugged Trails Nepal. We had a small group of four but were lucky enough to have two guides in Nirajan and Apar and two fantastic porters. Little did we know at that time that these two guys would go on to become not only great guides but also great friends. 

                  The tour was incredibly well organized and adapted continuously to give us the best opportunity to maximize the amazing views. I am not normally one for pre-arranged group trips but this tour was excellent. Rugged Trails was adaptive and strived to ensure every meal and bed on the trip was the best possible option, providing a clear advantage over other operators. Their supreme knowledge and experience of the region were clearly evident, offering insightful information along the way. And besides this, their company provided a lot of fun and laughter. 

                  I am already planning a customized Everest Base Camp trip organized through Nirajan at Rugged Trails for the near future. 
                  Nirajan is a great person and is incredibly generous and passionate about his employees, friends and family and country of Nepal. He has big visions for the future and will offer you a package far more authentic and valuable than what other large scale commercialized tour operators will. You won't be disappointed.

                • Guides made the ABC Trek Unbelievable!

                  - James Booth, Australia

                  We contacted Nirajan at Rugged Trails Nepal with many questions to see what trek would best suit our small group of 4. Nirajan provided so much of his time, knowledge and patience to detail a quality itinerary which entailed the glorious Poon Hill and Annapurna Base Camp. This ended up being a trip of a lifetime, the guides and porters were the most amazing people, they made what is truly a great trek into an amazing experience filled with lots of fun and laughter. Aside from these Rugged Trails Nepal has connections to other unique experiences such as a 'Bed to Base Camp' (Everest) Heli Flight and a privileged homestay in the Hills surrounding Kathmandu with a wonderful family. We can not recommend these guys enough!! FIVE STAR