Most popular ancient cultural heritage in the world "Nepal"

  • Updated on Feb 15, 2024
  • Nirajan Chaulagain

What if we call Nepal the land of the world's best cultural heritage? Nepal has all those kinds of vibrant cultural events that none of the world has. Normally, the world judges political and economic growth for the cultural heritage that is complete, which doesn't make any sense. Let's keep the unique ancient culture in one place and the political geography in another.

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Nepal looks small in geography because of the two giant apples next to us, forgetting the diamond in between those apples. It's a true fact that some big countries were not even listed on the global map, while Nepal was celebrating unique cultural events. It sounds like ego in these words, but the true and bitter fact is that the corrupt Nepalese leadership didn't understand the value of our history. 

I was googling about the world's best culture and heritage, but sadly, I didn't see the cultural part of Nepal, just the UNESCO world heritage sites. Every single day I grew up with some different kinds of events and cultural celebrations, but not seeing the richest cultural heritage country is on the list. Maybe the lack of information or we don't have that big house media that can show the world of our ancient cultural movements. On the other hand, we tourism-related people didn't understand the value of our culture and just showed MOUNTAINS, HIMALAYAS, EVEREST.


Explore Nepal from different levels of thinking, and we Nepalese need to start with ourselves first. Anywhere in the world has this sheer diversity with hundreds of different cultures? Isn't Nepal vibrant with live traditional music, food, cheering, colors, and lifestyles? From the lower land, 70m to 5500 m, we have hundreds of different cultural events, people, lifestyle, food, and ethnic groups, and still, we are saying #Mountains #Trekking? 

We are forgetting to show the world that Nepal is the land of Buddha, Sadhus, which is supposed to be spiritual and wellness. Buddhism was not even in Tibet back in those (before the 5th century) days, but see how the world is moving and the influence of Tibetan Buddhism. I am not trying to show someone down, but we are not putting in the effort to show our history to the world. Almost all the travel and trekking websites show Everest Base Camp Trek, Langtang Trek, and Annapurna Treks, but what about those who want to explore the unique cultures? What about those who can't even walk an inch?  The Mountains are everywhere in Nepal which can be seen from the cities or from the hillside but we forget to mix the culture trips. 

Bhaktapur Festival

Start Roaring to the world Nepal is not just the mountains but a mini-pack of the globe itself with all its uniqueness. We don't have artificial steel towers, waterfalls, skylines but we have god-gifted natural resources. If you visit Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur, and other cities where you can see small kids cheering, running barefoot not just for the festivals but to accept and to preserve it. All the events have some deep connection with the spiritual process of life which we all can see in Nepal. Nepal is an open museum for the world to experience from their open eyes and they can take a deep breath for not having with them. 

Yoga is the most popular these days in different ways, such as naked, wine, beach, goat, and many others, but Hello World Sadhus didn't practice that way. Nepal and the Himalayas, hundreds of years old caves and hills,  were the home of yoga and meditation for sadhus, but see how yoga ruined them. Just sitting on the lap of the mountains itself is an asana, but we didn't have the guts to say the world... You don't need to learn the form of yoga or join the yoga classes to heal, but reaching those spiritual places can heal itself; this is the magic of Nepal.

All I wanted to say is Nepal is more than Mountains and the Himalayas, Trekking, Rafting but more than that we are rich in our cultural heritage.