Food In The Town Kathmandu

  • Updated on Feb 15, 2024
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When it comes to the food in Nepal, normally people say Dal Bhat or MOMO. Nepal is popular for adventure and cultural tourism. Home of the world’s tallest mountain peaks and diversity is the unique part of Nepal. Surely we don’t want to miss the local food from the town. Let’s talk about the food in the town.

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Obviously, Dal Bhat is the traditional food in Nepal, which travelers even love to eat. In many local restaurants, hotels, or western restaurants, you will see the Dal Bhat. The taste will be different in each place. Different varieties of vegetables, pickles will come together with the food. Simply, we can choose any item from the Veg Thali Set, Mutton Set, or Chicken Thali Set.

   Dal Bhat In the Town! "Dal Bhat Power 24 Hours, No Daireha, no Shower

In Thamel, there are many Thakali restaurants, which are especially popular for Dal Bhat. If you are staying in Thamel, then it is better to eat at those Thakali restaurants because they have a local taste. If you are scared of the restaurants, then simply ask your hotel for Dal Bhat. Pickles are spicy if you are not a chili lover.


Momo is everywhere in the town, from the street to the luxury resorts. Nepalese people love momo, and it's really yummy. Don't miss it. There are many different kinds of momos, but buff, chicken, and veggie momos are quite famous. It's quick food and doesn't need to wait that long to arrive. If you are not used to street food and recently arrived in the town, don't try this in the street.

Newari Khaja Set.

If you are a meat and spicy lover, then the Newari Khaja set is the best meal. Varieties of meat and many vegetable dishes are just mouth-watering. There are very few nice restaurants in the town for tourists. Don't forget to try Newari Pizza.

Pizza in the Town.

For pizza, lovers visit Fire and Ice and Roadhouse Cafe in Thamel. Fire and ice are famous, and you will find the authentic taste.

Veggie and Vegan

Well, for vegetarians, there are many restaurants that serve vegetarian food. Visit OR2K restaurant in Mandala Street, and they have a branch in Pokhara too. OR2K serves vegan food too, and it's delicious. New Orleans is another good stop for western dishes with a variety of meals. Next is OR2K.