What is Hartalika Teej and How Nepalese women celebrate Teej Festival in Nepal

  • Updated on Sep 21, 2023
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Hartalika Teej is one of the popular festivals in Nepal where women get together and enjoy religion, dance, music and delicious food. The sisterhood festival makes people feel relaxed and secure about their current relationship with others. A woman is a complex creature. Many stereotypes about women and their instincts can be found around the world, but here in Nepal, women are strong enough not to follow them. No matter what it takes or how difficult it is, they do everything by heart. They're not afraid of hard work because they know that every task gets completed with ease and grace.

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What is Hartalika Teej

The first major event following the conclusion of the rainy season is called Teej Festival. The sun is warm and the sky is clear at that time. Teej is an important and sacred celebration in Nepal. It is also known as "Nepal Women's Festival" and "Women's Wishing Festival". This event is celebrated every year, It usually takes place in Nepali Bhadra month (August to September in Solar Calendar) and lasts for three days. The observance involves fasting, praying to Lord Shiva, bathing in the holy river, presenting traditional performances, etc. On that day women make a generous dinner and prepare a tasty sweet meal as well as drinks with each other with fruits. Learn more of Nepal's biggest festival events and celebration.

History Behind Teej (Hartalika Teej)

The goddess Parvati performed severe penance at the bank of river Ganga in order to have Lord Shiva as her husband. However, Parvati's father Himalaya seeing her in this condition decided to marry her off to Lord Vishnu. When Goddess Parvati shared her misery with her female friend, she decided to help her and abducted her. She took her to a deep forest where Maa Parvati continued her sadhana and eventually Lord Shiva took notice of the goddess' devotion and agreed to marry her. From that time onwards, Hartalika Teej is observed by women to get a husband of their choice.

Fasting during the Teej Festival. 

Fasting (Barta) is observed by married and unmarried women for around 24 hours during which they go without food and water. Women go to the Shiva, Parvati and Ganesha to worship on this day. A lavish festive spread is cooked including both sweet and savoury dishes like kheer, Sel-Roti, thekua and gujia among others. It is the day when married women are pampered by their folks in their mother's home, and are gifted clothes, jewellery, cosmetics and other things. Every married woman will be invited by their brother, mother, father to celebrate this festival at their house. Women apply beautiful mehendi designs on their hands and wear the best of traditional clothes, especially in the hues of red to celebrate the festival. Women stay awake for the entire night of their fast and sing folk songs, dance along with a group of women. 

Many Nepali women believe that wearing red during Teej Festival will bring good luck. It is said that it brings some magical blessing too due to its association with life-giving blood and the red color of human beings.

I can't wait for the Teej Festival to come around again. It's time for Nepalese women to count their blessings and celebrate the spiritual day of women. The Nepal Women's Day or Teej is one of my most favorite festivals in Nepal. "Nassa"

3 Days Of Teej Festival Celebration

  • Day 1 Get together with family, and friends.
    • Shopping, and having fancy dinner. 
  • Day 2 Fasting and visiting temples.
    • Visiting temples (Pashupatinath is one of the biggest shiva temple), dancing, singing. 
  • Day 3 Taking a holy bath
    • This denotes the end of the fast for that day. The third or final day is crucial for the lady. The name of this day is Rishi Panchami. After doing the Puja from the previous day, the woman honors seven saints or sages, prays to the gods, and bathes in crimson mud that is located beneath the revered Datiwan tree together with its leaves. After they are said to have atoned for all of their crimes, this act serves to purify the festival's final ceremony. Therefore, this Teej is a very intriguing Nepali holiday that is significant for all married and single ladies.
Hartalika Teej Festival Dates
Year              Date
20246 September
202526 August
202614 September