Best Places To Visit In Dolakha

  • Updated on Feb 17, 2024
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Dolakha, one of the districts of Nepal, is popular for its natural, historic, and cultural beauties. Dolakha is only 182.9 km ahead of the capital city, Kathmandu. It takes a bus journey (which is the main means of transportation) of 4-5 hours to reach the headquarters in Charikot. At a height of 1,554 m above sea level, it is also connected to China via Tibbet. The majority of people in Dolakha are affiliated with the Hindu religion, and the majority of people are of Newar ethnicity. When talking about visiting places, the first thought that comes to mind is experiencing the nature that captures our eyes, fills our minds, and provides us with the joy of being there, the joy of coming so far to experience something worthwhile. Here are the best places to visit in Dolakha that are worth your money and time:

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Places to Visit in Dolakha

Kalinchwok Bhagwati temple

The religious temple of the Hindu goddess Kali, located in the GauriShankar conservation area, is at a height of 3842m above sea level.  You can see the breathtaking hills on the way, the gumbas and stupas can be visualized on the way, and the beauty of our national flower, laligurans (Rhododendron) and its varieties will be settled in your memories forever. This temple is covered with snow in winter, mainly in February or October. For those who want to trek in the snow in a risk-free way, this is the place for risk hunters. You can have a thrilling experience on the upside hill from the village of Kuri to the temple. The bells and tridents present in thousands of numbers show the religious beliefs and customs of the people. This heritage won't fail to amaze travelers with its beauty.

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Dolakha Bhimsen temple

Another historical temple is full of natural and cultural beauty. This temple is situated in the heart of Dolakha, in the Dolakha Bazar. The temple introduces travelers to the history of Dolakha and the natives of Dolakha. The Hindu temple is full of statues and bells, which automatically appeal to the religious side of visitors. The artistic side of Dolakhalis can also be experienced through portraits, sketches, and woodcrafts. Visitors would never be bored with the hospitality provided by the native Newars of Dolakha. You can also enjoy the beautiful view of the Tamakoshi River flowing down. Besides, if you look down, you can experience the beauty you can find nowhere else. The farms on the slope play a different and very vital role in making your tour special. Bhemsen Temple is truly the heart of Dolakha.

Shailung Hills, 100 Hills of Nepal

The most amazing and surprising natural heritage is Shailung Hill. No wonder that it is full of geographical secrets. Being a junction of districts like Dolakha Ramechhap Kavre and Sindhupalchok, it is the most beautiful place you will find in the whole world. You can never stop praising the heaps called Thumka (Hills) at an altitude of 3146m that are present in 100 of the heaps there. Except for this, you can not only see the smiling, chilled Gaurishankar, but you can also see the mountains like the Ganesh Himal, Sagarmatha (Mount Everest), Mahabharat, and Chure ranges. For people who love traveling and nature, it’s a must-go.

Jiri ( Known as Second Switzerland) 

Jiri, also known as the gateway to Mount Everestand the Switzerland of Dolakha, is a base camp for Mount Everest. It is one of the big towns in Dolakha and is very strict in terms of security and cleanliness. It provides the closest view of Sagarmatha for those who are not able to go to Mount Everest or don’t want to take any risks going there. Visitors are mostly attracted to the accommodation, healthy environment, snow, hospitality, and beautiful view of Jiri. You can also experience the mesmerizing view of the sunrise on snow, which you will never forget.

Gaurishankar conservation area

The newly registered conservation area, including the Rolwaling Range, expanded up to 2179 km2, is the destination or wishlist of nature lovers or animal lovers. You can see the variety of flora and fauna in this area. Exploration will be the greatest achievement for visitors coming here. You can find 235 species of birds, 8 species of lizards, 14 species of snakes, 10 species of snakes, 16 species of fish, and a wide range of flora. Besides these, the main attractions of this place include rare animals like snow leopards, Himalayan black bears, Himalayan thar, etc., but the rarest species conserved is the red panda. On the way to the conservation area, you can get a chance to go through tall waterfalls and watch the Gauri Shankar, the origin of Tamakoshi and Sunkoshi, at its closest.

Jilu Village

While saying Nepal is an agricultural country, people want to experience that part of life too. If you want that, just pack your bags and head 7 km down from Charikot you will find a village surrounded by jungle, and in the middle of the village, you can see farming fields and farmers anytime working and loving their land. There you can just not see farmers farming but you can also get to live a life if they, eat the freshly grown food direct from the field enjoy the native culture, and be filled with love and care from the villagers. The specialty of Jilu is found to be their typical Nepali food Dal Bhat Tarkari along with Gundruk and Dhindo. You can experience the cocktail of nature from Jilu because it has hills on its east and west mount Gaurishankar in the north and farms in the south. The pure Tamakoshi flows shouting down the village. You will be forced by your heart and mouth to go again.

Tsho Rolpa

There is no wonder that Dolakha is full of amazes and one of the examples is Tsho Rolpa lake which is at a height of 4,580 M. It is one of the biggest glacial lakes in Nepal and has an area of 1.537 square kilometers. Isn’t it an amazing thing to witness such a lake which is normally half a year and then freezes in another half. The lake is so beautiful to see even on its normal days. It is of an average depth of 55m. You will feel great pleasure to be there.