Nepal Trekking Seasons

Mostly all Nepal travel blogs and trekking agencies blogs focus October, November, Feb, March, and April are the best trekking seasons. But we shouldn't forget Trekking in Nepal can be done throughout the year depending the regions. Every regions has unique diversity, landscape, climate and specialty.

  • Basanta Ritu (Spring); mid March to mid May.
  • Grishma Ritu (Summer) mid May to mid July, hottest months.
  • Barsha Ritu (Rainy); mid July to mid September, considerable rainy days.
  • Sharad Ritu (Autumn); mid September to mid November, best time of year.
  • Hemanta Ritu (Pre-Winter); mid November to mid January.
  • Shishir Ritu (Winter);mid January to mid April.