Rugged Trails Nepal Team

All of our Porters are from the mountain regions of Nepal and come with much experience. Porters are provided to carry your personal belongings in a safe and secure way. They are careful to maintain your belongings in good condition, protecting them against wet conditions, sharp rocks, and other potential hazards. You are hiring a Guide and Porter for your safety, comfort, and a pleasant journey. Porters are employed to provide for their families in the villages. Their salary, as well as your tips, can provide for a porter and their family for months. Our Guides and Porters are treated with respect and dignity and are considered part of the Rugged Trails Nepal family.

We welcome you as a guest but we will send you as a good friend and a part of our family member, Ethics is most important for us. We are friendly environment team and try to give our best to make your holiday memorable with us. We believe that you will not remember the heights of Mountains nor the roads name but you will remember the moments you made in Nepal. Rugged Trails Nepal humble request for our customers be friendly with our staff so they can share you more details about the places, cultures etc. Once the Tour / Trek lead by the guides, Rugged Trails Nepal allow our guides to put actions and authorities for any kind of changes and possibilities. In group joining and Private trips, if clients don't follow our guide, don't respect cultures, and try to misbehave other members guides are allowed to take any kind of actions at that time company will not be responsible or refund.

Humanity is the biggest motive to be happy and make others happy. Namaste