Nepal Trekking for Luxury travelers Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit

  • Updated on Aug 28, 2023
  • Rugged Trails Nepal

Well, Nepal is obviously popular and renowned for the Mountains and the Mountaineering business but Nepal is also the land of Buddha, amazing temples, and vibrant culture that attracts travelers from different parts of the world. Back in time, Nepal used to be a luxury destination where Nepal Adventure treks used to be fully organized with a sherpa crew, cook, and support staff every day fixing tents in the beautiful landscapes and more fun too. Later On many normal tea houses (guest houses) infrastructure was built but couldn’t meet the luxury travelers but these days there are many top-notch accommodations that can fit somehow for the luxury tours.

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Nepal Trekking for Luxury travelers Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit

Does this mean that it is not possible to organize camping treks in a luxurious way anymore?

  • Nope, still it’s possible and there are unexplored places and even in the most popular trekking routes we can arrange camping treks. If you are in it we are here for you to make things beyond possible!  

Again and again, you will hear about the Everest Base Camp Trek, but why? It’s Everest and it’s only there with the most beautiful scenery in the world. Without any doubt, Everest Base Camp is the most popular trekking destination in Nepal. Many people talk about the Mountains, Sherpa People's villages, and Buddhist Monasteries but it’s not just that it’s more emotional to see and reach the place where hundreds and thousands of mountaineers scale their dreams in various ways.

How do you rank Everest Base Camp Trek as a luxurious trek? 

Here we find it quite difficult to answer the question because just saying now you can get a hot shower, accommodation is beyond the standard tea houses with comfortable beds, and tasty meals do not only meet the standard of Luxury if you don’t pick the right Guide and the company to lead the trip. Just having a morning coffee with the greatest views around is also a luxury that you will be living in for a few days. Luxury things don't only count for money but with the mindset that you must have on an adventure journey. Your investment must be returned not just with the pictures but internally where you could collect great memories and peace in you.  

Spirituals don’t feed but give peace, by saying this there are various ways to trek to Everest Base Camp. The most common is 14 days classic Everest Base Camp Trek routes which go the same way up and return the same way back. Another which is more popular for luxury trekkers they simply hike up to Everest Base Camp and take a helicopter ride back to Kathmandu via Gokyo Lakes or straight to Kathmandu. Depending on your time and interest we organize your Luxury trekking itinerary for Everest Base Camp. Once you book the trip Rugged Trails Nepal will arrange everything from your arrival dates to your Departure dates with Transportation, flight tickets, gourmet meals, Luxury Hotels in Kathmandu in Everest, trek permits, Helicopter everything. 

So only the Everest Base Camp is Luxury Trek in Nepal? Actually no, you must have heard Annapurna Region and the Annapurna Circuit Trek. Many Tour Companies listed Annapurna Circuit as a Luxury trek but find it semi luxury trek. Still, amenities could be improved on this trekking trail. There is no doubt that the Annapurna Circuit trek is one of the most diverse and beautiful rugged trekking trails in Nepal with beautiful scenery, landscapes, waterfall, flora fauna, people, lifestyle, culture, snow-capped mountain peaks, lush forests, rivers, temples, monasteries and more...  

The Annapurna Circuit trek is longer than the Everest base camp with nice accommodations with hot showers, and great meals, but some amenities and infrastructure are in progress so in a few years, we can make a noise for the Luxurious Annapurna Circuit trek. After all your investment for this trek will be worthy and rewarding with us. 

Which Trek Itinerary can meet the luxury trek in Annapurna Region?

Ghorepani Ghandruk circuit trek for 3 days can meet the luxurious trekking package in Nepal. You will find the best hotels in Ghorepani and Ghandruk villages.1 Night in Tadapani is so-so but has a nice bed, warm water, and neat and clean with gourmet meals. Views are also beautiful and this trek itinerary can meet for slow hikers who just want to take a short break in the mountains which is the home of great Gurkhas. Great Gurkhas are mostly Gurung people, they are friendly people, rich in their culture which we can experience in Ghandruk village. Since the trek days are short we can cover Pokhara, Chitwan, Bandipur, Kathmandu, and Nagarkot luxury hotels in Nepal as a tailor-made trip. Just let us know your length of vacation and the time we will simply design a great plan with comfortable accommodations. 

Rugged Trails Nepal organized the best luxury trekking packages in Nepal with great and friendly guides. They just don’t show you the way and measure the height of the mountain but share their cultural experience. Rugged Trails is one of the top-rated luxury trekking companies in Nepal but it doesn't mean we don’t meet the budget and standard trek and tour packages. We are a local tour operator for everyone we know how to meet your standard and to make your holiday memorable. You can buy all the luxury trekking gear and equipment in Kathmandu in the North Face store, Sherpa adventure gear, Mountain wear etc..