Must Know About Thamel Kathmandu

  • Updated on Jan 28, 2020
  • Rugged Trails Nepal

Almost 60 to 70 % of travelers who come to Kathmandu, Nepal they love to stay in Thamel. Most of the traveler's journey starts from Thamel and ends from Thamel after taking a cab to the airport. Thamel is the most popular touristic place in Kathmandu with restaurants, hotels, shopping, travel and trekking companies, bars, disco and all.

Most of the touristic cities all around the world have a small problem and issues which are here in Thamel too. It's safe to walk around and people are friendly by still there are some people in Thamel where you must ignore and be alert with them. These guys are not even from Nepal and they are from India. Well, the skin color looks the same as Nepalese people, and it's not worth to say from which country.

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Must Know About Thamel Kathmandu (Alert!)

These guys are in a group and they will be most active in the peak season where tourist bump in this town. They will in the major junction of Thamel, Asan, Kathmandu Durbar Square area.

Why we are saying to be alert and ignore these people?

Because these guys will come to you in a nice way, they will tell you "I am learning English and want to practice". Some pretend to be a guide and want you to join with them for the city walk. They will not rip you but they will take you to that kind of store where they want you to buy things for them or their family. Rugged Trails Nepal most of the customers faced this problem from these people and many of them are cheated so we are sharing this fact of Thamel.

Their main target is to make you buy the expensive thanka painting stuff where they get commissions. Some will tell you to visit his Art shop in Thamel of Kathmandu Durbar Square but they are not even artists but just to collect a commission. They don't know the depth history and cultural part of Kathmandu cities but more or less they will share you some stories. They can easily notice you that you are new in the town and their eyes will be on solo female travelers.

Some of our customers share with us, that their main aim is to show the erotic wooden carving and talked about sex and asked to share the night with them.

Make you buy expensive food and products

They will play with your feelings and emotions, some guys call women with the small baby and ask you to buy milk or food for the baby. All the products and things which you will buy from the shop, they will return or sell in another shop and collect from. Don't buy anything because it's a great business for them.

We didn't want to share pictures of them but dark skin guys from 16 to 45 different ages. Whoever comes next to you to help ignore them and follow your way. Especially for our customers (first-time travelers) if you don't find our location and need help then simply email or us request us for pickup from your hotel.

Street Cart Food.

Please don't try even if it looks yummy because the oil they use for cooking is not good. Dusty streets and some foods are not fresh, if you are not used to with the street food then please don't try. Before trekking, we suggest all the people not try food from the street because it gives you a problem later and your vacation will be miserable.

Do you want to Hashish?

If you are wearing a hippie kind of dress then you will be keep asked by the street guys that you want hashish. Hashish is not legal in Nepal and you will be ripped off in Thamel by these guys.