About Tibet

To dive in the scenic and spiritually blessed area and get a once a lifetime experience .join the tour of the mystical and blissful place. Tibet is the world's largest and highest plateau mystical land which is also known as the Roof of the World with average heights of over 4,000 m. Its capital Lhasa is also one of the most spiritually beautiful places to sink in. This region is also known for its uniqueness as natural beauty is all about nature's bestowed beauty with rich history and spirituality that is enough to captivate everyone's mind and soul. Some parts of this area are still uninhabited till date.

Tibet Entry Updates 2022 for Tourists!

  • Tibet is only open for Expat living in China, there are no other updates. 

One can start their tour with a scenic drive from Kathmandu to Zhangmu and then to Naylam passing through beautiful Nepalese countryside. The scenic drive will pass from the sand dunes along the Brahmaputra basin through the high and adventurous passes to the beautiful cobalt blue salt lakes of Namtso. This tour will take you through an ancient trail where one can get to know the enchanting history as well as the mystery of the ages. The unique cultures and traditions of the Tibetans Monpas, Lhopas, and Moslems are so fascinatingly amazing that one can see on the way will keep us astonished and mystified. This place has in store a lot for every visitor as the divinity and urban nature are harmonized to give anyone a different environment of experience.

While moving ahead through the breathtaking Himalayan vistas, the continuous scenic drive will lead us to the beautiful Lhasa city. This city offers one a grandness of Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Drepung and Sera monasteries and many other rich cultural heritages. Overall, one can have a full experience of serenity as well as artifacts of this place and the Buddhism taste everywhere which just makes the journey wonderful. Come and join us for the quality holiday tour. We had published some selected trip, please feel free to contact us for more Tibet tours and Trekking in Tibet.