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  • Updated on May 26, 2022
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Planning to trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal? Here are the top googled Everest Base Camp questions from different continents and the frequent questions which we received every single day. Without stretching the page and words let's get into the business. If you don't find the questions you looking for please do write to us and think it will help others too. There are more than 100 questions for the Everest Base Camp Trek which shows that Everest Trek is a lifetime trek and must do once. All you need to know about the Everest Base Camp Trek confusions, questions and booking information for 2022 and 2023 updated.

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Q 1: Is Everest Base Camp Trek dangerous?

Well, this is not a common question but most people think that Trekking to Everest Base Camp is dangerous. There are numerous trekkers who visit Everest Base Camp every year from different age groups. Technically the trek is not dangerous with Avalanches, landslides but the Major problem is AMS, HAPE, and HACE. If you follow the Mountain rules and the Elevation (AMS) then everything is good. 

Q 2: Is Everest Base Camp Trek Hard?

Main thing Everest Base Camp trek is not just a Tourist Trek. People of all ages, shapes have completed this trek with less preparation. As we already mentioned above Everest Base Camp trek is not technical and anyone can trek to Base camp. For some people, it’s a mentally challenging but rewarding trip of a lifetime. Ascending and descending are normal on this trek so don’t combine the terrain general hiking. If you prepare yourself before trekking to base camp, then it will not be tough as you thinking.

Q 3: Is the Everest base camp trek worth it?

There is no doubt! That Everest Base Camp Trek is Absolutely a lifetime Trip. Nowhere else in the world can be found in this kind of beauty. 

Q 4: Can I do Everest Base Camp Trek?

The question is why I can’t do Everest Base Camp Trek? If you physically fit, then make your dreams come true. There are many inspiring people around the world who had done Everest Base camp trek without having their legs, hands, etc. Dare to do it!

Q 5: Where does Everest Base Camp Trek start?

Officially the Everest Base Camp Trek starts from Lukla airport after flying from Kathmandu or Manthali Airport. Another Popular and ancient trek starts from Jiri where Edmund Hilary had started. These days almost every company and trekker starts from Lukla. 

Q 6: When to do Everest Base Camp Trek? 

Everest Base Camp Trek can be done all around the year, but Feb to End of May and October to December is the best time. Sometimes winter goes crazy but Rugged Trails Nepal had done many winter treks to Everest Base Camp. Monsoon June to Mid September major problem is Lukla flights and need a few buffer days because of flight cancellation. April, May, October November are the best months of the year. 

Q 7: Should I Do Everest Base Camp Trek?

There are dozens of reasons to trek to Everest Base Camp but once in a lifetime if you love trekking and adventure then you must do Everest Base Camp Trek. 

Q 8: How much does Everest Base Camp Trek Cost?

This is the most common question regarding the Everest Base Camp Trek. The 16 days standard trek cost 1500 USD  per person for 1 person. Keep in mind the budget and cheap trips mean you are getting what you paid for, don’t expect much. Guides and porters are not paid well. But more than 1 person the price will be less about 1300 USD + per person. 

Q 9: How long does the Everest base camp trek take?

The total Everest Base Camp Trek Package is for 14 and 16 days from Kathmandu Base Camp, and Kathmandu. From Lukla to Everest Base camp is 8 days trek including acclimatization at Namche, and Dingboche or Pheriche. 

Q 10: How many days Everest base camp trek?

16 Days Everest Base Camp Trek itinerary is one of the best trip plans than 14 days. Some people love to speedy Everest Base camp trek but for normal and beginners trekkers 16 is perfect. Trekking to Everest Base Camp is not a marathon race, let’s enjoy slow down, breathe, and make it possible. In tight schedules, there won’t be extra buffer days in case of Lukla flight canceled. Well, a Helicopter is another option but still, it’s not easy to save money! 

Q 11: How far is Everest Base Camp Trek?

Let’s forget Kathmandu and drive but the Classic Everest Base Camp which starts from Lukla is 130km and 65km each way. Hell yeah! But not 1 or 2 days it’s 12 days trek so not worry and each day about a 15km walk. 

Q 12: How Crowded is Everest Base Camp Trek?

To be honest with this question, October, November, April may is the busiest time and for sure it will be crowded. March, April, May is a normally busy time at the Base Camp because of Expedition groups. Sometimes people don’t even get rooms to sleep and have to squeeze at the dining hall.

Q 13: What to wear and Pack Everest Base Camp Trek?

The first thing trekking to Everest Base is not technical or need climbing gears. Depend on the season there are different trekking gears you need to pack which are listed on our website. Follow the link; Proper trekking gears.  if you love photography then a nice camera and lens. 

Q 14: What shoes or boots for Everest Base Camp Trek?

There are many different boots that as amazing, lightweight, waterproof, boots are perfect for the trek. Trekking boots are more comfortable than running shoes or normal shoes. Shoes that support the ankle are better for the Everest base camp trek.

Q 15: What currency for Everest Base Camp Trek?

Easily you can exchange Nepalese currency at the airport, hotels, Thamel, or anywhere in money exchange. Nepali currency is easier during the trek. For small bills like water, snacks NPR is easier. However, in some places, cards are also accepted but still better to carry cash with you. 

Q 16: Is it possible to trek to Everest Base camp and fly back by Helicopter?

Yes, it’s possible and nowadays people are flying back to Kathmandu by helicopter. If you are doing the same classic trek which is the same trekking trail to return back then it’s better to experience the scenic flight. 

Q 17: How to find trusted Everest base camp Trek companies?

This is a very tricky and tough question but honestly, none of the government-registered trekking companies want to make their clients unhappy. The most important thing is the standard of the trip you are looking for. Check their reviews and activities in social media which shows how professional they are. Check their guides and how the company behaves to their staff which shows a clear image of the company.

Q 18: How to prepare to trek to Everest Base Camp?

First thing you shouldn’t try the speedy Everest Base Camp trek which has fewer acclimatization days. Rugged Trails Nepal itineraries are with 2 extra acclimation days. So before coming to Nepal for this trek, it’s better to do cycling, swimming, do some hikes. If your trekking boots are new then start wearing those boots which will be helpful on the trek. If you get the chance to learn yoga then try breathing practice.

Q 19: Everest Base Camp Trek packing list for the female trekker.

Active hikers know how and what to pack and some fellows write page longer lists for female trekkers to pack, Seriously!. Its simple trekking gears are normal like which all hikers need but for female trekkers better to get a sports bra, comfortable underwear (nowadays there is trekking underwear too). Another most important is Tampons/Pads and pain relief medicines which are easily not available. Wet wipes, the dry shampoo also needed because sometimes it’s not possible to take a shower.

Q 20: Do I need travel insurance for Everest Base Camp Trek?

Yes. Clearly, buy travel insurance and make sure it will cover you at high altitudes above 5000 M. There are many Travel insurance companies such as JS Travel Insurance, World Nomads, Allianz Global Assistance, Amex Assurance, Travel Guard, etc. 

Q 21: Everest Base camp trek Accommodation.

The accommodations are all with the basic amenities needed for a comfortable. Normally it's called Tea Houses which are run by local community people. Depends on price and place accommodations are a luxury too with the electric blankets but normal accommodations are with single or twin beds, fresh hot meals, hot shower, electricity, or solar electricity. Most of the places with WIFI services too. There is no heating system inside the room but in the dining, they will use a traditional heating system. Toilets are inside the Teahouses with western style too. 

Q 22: How much money to take on Everest Base Camp Trek?

Normally once you book the trip with the company your meals, accommodations will be included in the price. Quality service trips also cover tea, coffee, fruits but on normal trips, this will be extra. Around 200 USD extra money will be enough during the trek for your shower, beers, drinks, etc.

Q 23: Everest Base Camp Trek Food and Water.

During the trek, you can choose food from the menu. If you are vegetarian or Vegan no problem you will get yummy food. Pizza, burgers, and other western foods are also available but the taste will be different. Food is safe but as always our guides suggest not to eat meat above Namche bazaar because the meat will be carried all the way down from Lukla village. 

Drinking water is normally not included on trek price so to purify water buy some water purification tablets or water purifiers. Running and tap water easily can fill at the tea houses or can buy mineral water. We request all the trekkers not to buy mineral water bottles because it's not safe for our nature and in this country, there is no proper recycling system. Some tea houses collect and send it back to Namche or Lukla but most of them burn the plastic near their place.

Q 24: How can we Trek to Everest Base Camp in 2022?

All the previous Covid-19 rules are revoked and visa on Arrival for all travelers who want to enter Nepal.  


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