Nepal Trekking Seasons Information

  • Updated on Feb 17, 2024
  • Rugged Trails Nepal

Most Nepal travel blogs and trekking agencies' blogs focus on October, November, Feb, March, and April as the best trekking seasons. But we shouldn't forget that trekking in Nepal can be done throughout the year, depending on the region. Every region has a unique diversity, landscape, climate, and specialty. So yeah, Rugged Trails Nepal suggests when and where to visit in Nepal in different seasons.

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First, do not be surprised that Nepal has six seasons. Scroll more for Nepal trekking season information. We already mentioned above that you can do trips all year in Nepal. In the meantime, we shouldn't forget that the Nepali climate is also affected by global warming.

6 different seasons in Nepal, which seems interesting to you.

  • Basanta Ritu (Spring); mid-March to mid-May.
  • Grishma Ritu (Summer) mid-May to mid-July, the hottest months.
  • Barsha Ritu (rainy); mid-July to mid-September, considerable rainy days.
  • Sharad Ritu (autumn); mid-September to mid-November, the best time of year.
  • Hemanta Ritu (pre-winter); mid-November to mid-January.
  • Shishir Ritu (Winter): mid-January to mid-April.

Mainly, travelers focus on October, Nov, Feb, March, and April to come to Nepal for trekking, but we are saying you can come all around the year. How and why?

First, we have to know that Nepal has more trekking trails, places to visit than Mt. Everest Base Camp, Langtang, Annapurna, and Manaslu. Besides of Mountains, landscape Nepal is rich in its own cultures, festivals, and different kinds of events which are only celebrated in special months.
Spring is obviously one of the best times to visit Nepal for trekking, hiking, and climbing in the white snow-capped mountains. The Annapurna Ghorepani trek trail will be mostly covered by Rhododendron flowers and also in other regions. Around Kathmandu Valley, Kalinchowk, Helambu and the western part of Nepal is quite famous places to hike for the Rhododendron forest.

Summer and Rainy (mid-May to September)

Summer is generally maximum hot in the Terai region but humid in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and mid hilly parts of Nepal. Due to the bad weather, it seems not easy to fly to Jomsom for the Upper Mustang Trek and Lukla for the Everest Trek. Upper Mustang is a complete desert valley and is known as the little Tibet of Nepal. Nar Phu Valley trekking, Dolpo, and Mustang are the best places to visit during this time. Less rain, or we will not find rain, and also non-touristic places to trek. The rainy season in Nepal is one of the best times to travel because we can see wildflowers blooming, green hills and mountains, rice farming, waterfalls, and more. If you love photography, then this could be the best time to capture amazing shots. Imagine the view right after the rain; it's just wow!!

The rest of the months and seasons are comparatively better than the summer and rainy seasons because of Nepal's biggest celebrated festivals, such as Indra Jatra, Dashain, Tihar, Chad, and many other festivals. We just wanted to share with you that all the months are good to visit Nepal. Contact Rugged Trails Nepal tour experts to get the best itinerary for your holiday and make it memorable.