Nepal Is Traveling Not To Discover New Sights But To Find New Eyes

  • Updated on Feb 15, 2024
  • Kyle Liu

Nepal is traveling not to discover new sights, but to find new eyes. Throwback to why I came to Nepal? I've been waiting many times since I was a kid. I have been excited for nearly 20 years. When I organize the photos, I think about the inspiration of my mentor 張欽凱. The video content shared by my mentor 張欽凱 and childhood class. Color memories are deeply awakened during the journey.

This time, from outside the window to actually walking to the mountain, crossing the level of exotic mountains, under the rare transparent and clear starry sky, what is actually shown in my eyes is not white silk, but a thousand basketfuls of silver. Ya.

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Nepal Is Traveling Not To Discover New Sights But To Find New Eyes

Namaste! Heaven Place

Pure calm, peaceful Nepal. Nepal is looking for a temple of color and happy and comfortable music, and the rest is around the mountains of the country. A particularly shaken road, I also love to dive into the local streets and walk into the local streets. I saw the majestic Buddha's eyes of the Canadian pagoda from Canada, and I saw the whole of Nepal with these eyes.

Civilized people from all countries of the world like to come to Nepal, not to visit the monuments but to indulge in nature. Nature here, whether it's the mountain or the original forest, is much sooner than any human civilization. I love the atmosphere of living here, like pure, slow pace, like village thin, clean environment, fresh air, clean water, and clear water. Lucky for the mountain trip to the end, so proud of being part of this heavy journey.

A special moment was a cloud of rain before heading to the mountain. I woke up early in the morning of a card, woke up and pushed the door out, and I looked up and saw that the high mountains under the morning were in front of me.

I will miss every hill window of the journey with the Himalayas, and I can be filled with it every day. Beyond tired, never forget it's the journey! I'm seeing you! Live the possible!

Place Been in Nepal 

Kathmandu / Pokhara 

Bouda Stupa / Swayambhunath Stupa / Pashupatinath / Kathmandu durbar square /

Himalaya Machapuchre (Fish Tail Mt.) Mardi Himal Trek

PS. This trip was also a chance. It was also a chance to participate in the earthquake relief operation launched by Cas Koh four years ago. The Nepal friend of Nepal, who was responsible for arranging the goods to the funding area, also met with the advice and arrangement. If you want to go to Nepal, if you want to go to Nepal, it is quite recommended!

Ps2. This time stray also has a different sense of experience. from my childhood backpack travel to now, the mindset has also changed, and I have no fear of fear, more and more round. Don't think it's amazing to complete the trip with a very little budget. In fact, do not look down on the tourists of the group. They are the ones who really support the local economy. Without them, the backpackers could have cost 3 times to get to the same spot. Being a backpackers, never allowed to be arrogant, should always be humble.

Words by Kyle Liu, Taiwan.