Namun La Pass Trek Itinerary

  • Updated on Jun 10, 2024
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The Namun La Pass, located at 4,850 metres, is a towering entryway in Nepal's picturesque Annapurna area. This historic road, historically an important commerce link between Pokhara and Manang, provides a unique and less-traveled alternative to the well-known Annapurna Circuit Trail. Join Rugged Trails Nepal on an exciting adventure through the stunning Himalayan terrain, retracing the ways of ancient traders.

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Unveiling the Hidden Jewel: the Namun La Pass Trek in Nepal

The Namun La Pass is a hidden gem in the spectacular Annapurna region, providing access to breathtaking Himalayan scenery. Namun La, which stands at 4,850 metres, was previously a key commercial route connecting Pokhara and Manang. Today, it provides a unique and less congested option to the well-known Annapurna Circuit Trail.

A Journey of Time and Tranquilly

Take a walk along this historic trail and follow in the footsteps of ancient traders. The newly combined route includes the pristine Dudh Pokhari (Milk Lake) and the Namun La Pass, which connects the Lamjung, Manang, and Kaski districts. This hidden gem offers a peaceful retreat into the heart of the Annapurna Himalaya.

Legends & Legacy

Legend has it that the Tamu group, ancestors of the Gurung people, crossed the Namun La from Tibet millennia ago. Tamuwan, explore the wreckage of their country to unearth echoes of a magnificent past.

A spiritual cleansing

Dudh Pokhari, regarded as a holy lake, draws pilgrims during the Janai Purnima festival. The concept that swimming in its frigid waters cleanses sins attracts believers seeking spiritual refreshment. Some even regard this tranquil lake as a portal to the sky.

namun la pass namu la pass trekking itinerary

A world of wonders awaits.

The Namun La Trek reveals a patchwork of breathtaking vistas. Quaint villages with terraced fields, crystal-clear glacial lakes, stunning gorges carved by raging rivers, and tranquil pine, oak, and rhododendron forests depict pristine beauty.

A panoramic paradise.

As you rise, take in the beautiful views of the Annapurna, Manaslu, and Lamjung mountain ranges. This off-the-beaten-path tour reveals hidden gems, fascinating people, and traditional communities, providing a memorable experience for those looking for a real Himalayan adventure.

Namun La Pass Trek Itinerary via Kori Danda

Day 1: Arrive in Kathmandu

Day 2: Fly to Pokhara and drive to Sikles.

Day 3: Trek to Tasa Kharka (2410 m, 5 hours.)

Day 4: Trek to Dharamsala (3540 m, 6 hrs.)

Day 5: Trek to Kori (3,770 m; 2 hours walking)

Day 6: Trek to Boksi Taal (3960 m)

Day 7: Trek to Thorchu (4010m) via Namun La Pass (4850m)

Day 8: Trek to Timang (2600 m)

Day 9: Drive to Besihisahar, Kathmandu

Namun La Pass, Annpurna Circuit Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Kathmandu.

Day 2: Kathamandu - Besishar - Karpur gaon Drive. Trek to Ghale gaon (2016 m): 3 hours walk. Overnight at homestay.

Day 3: Ghlegaon-Rabrachu (3100 m) 6 hours walkin. Overnight at tent.

Day 4: Rabrachu - Thorju. (4300m) 6 hours of walking. Overnight at tent.

Day 5: Explore Dudha Pokhari (4500 m). 5 hours of walking. Overnight at same place.

Day 6: Thorju-Namunla Pass (4850m) -Dange Kharka (4000 m) 6 hours of walking. Overnight at tent.

Day 7: Danfe Kharka - Danaque- Chame (2630 m) 4 hours of walking. Overnight at lodge.

Day 8: Chame - Upper Pisang (3294 m) 4 hours of walking. Overnight at lodge.

Day 9: Upper Pisang - Manang (3351 m) 6 hours of walking. Overnight at lodge.

Day 10: Rest in Manang. Excursion to Manang Village.

Day 11: Manang - Yak Khark (4050 m) 4 hours walking. Overnight at lodge.

Day 12: Yak Khark-Thorngpedi. (4407m) 4 hours of walking. Overnight at lodge.

Day 13: Thorang Pedi-Thorong La (5,416 m) Muktinath (3805m) 8 hours of walking. Overnight at lodge.

Day 14: Muktinath trek to Jomsom (2710 m): 6 hours walk.

Day 15: Jomsom-Pokhara overflight (22 minutes) stay in Pokhara. 

Namunla Pass Trek Dhudhpokhari Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu

Day 2: Kathmandu-Besisahar-Kapurgau by drive - Trek to Ghale Gaun (2016m) 2 hours walk

Day 3: Ghale Gaun-Rabrachu (3100 m) 6 hours of walking

Day 4: Rabrachu-Thorju (4500 m) 6 hours of walking

Day 5: Explore Dhudhpokhari (Milky lake) (5300 m) and the magnificent view of Mt. Manaslu and its surroundings.

Day 6: Thorju-Namunla pass (4850 m) - Dange Kharka (4000 m) 6 hours of walking

Day 7: Danfe kharka- Timang (2630 m ) 6 hours walk

Day 8: Timang-Chamje, (2,650 m)

Day 9: Chamje to Besi Sahar (760 m) and back to Kathmandu (10 hour's drive).

namun la pass annapurna namun la pass trek

Unleash your inner explorer!

The Namun La Pass Trek is one of Nepal's most distinctive and remarkable experiences. Rugged Trails Nepal is here to make your fantasy experience a reality. We'll methodically prepare every aspect to ensure that your Namun La Trek is full of stunning scenery, fascinating encounters, and unforgettable memories. Contact us to create your personalised itinerary!