How To Pack A Backpack

  • Updated on Jan 14, 2020
  • Rugged Trails Nepal

Our friend and hiker Alida shares how to pack a backpack, she has traveled to Nepal and spend her adventure holidays in Nepal Himalayas. Many people carry tons of unnecessary things during the travel so from today carry less and travel more. For more to make your travel light and easy scroll down Rugged Trails Nepal shares Alida tips and tricks to pack your bag.

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How do you pack your backpack as effective as possible?! 

A lot of travelers know the deal.. You are happy you go on a trip again. But what do you really need? How do I put my stuff away so effective as possible? And how do I make my backpack as light as possible?! You don't want it too heavy but you also want to have a nice selection of clothes where you can choose from. Practice, travel a lot and then you will get experience!

The second time I went on a trip I packed way too much stuff! I was in Sri Lanka and I met a local guy where I could leave some stuff and pick it up at the end of the month. I didn't want that to happen again! When I see my family and friends go on holiday they have big and heavy suitcases. At the moment I can live from a backpack from around 12 kilos for a couple of months.
A person doesn't need a lot to be happy!

Tips to pack your backpack.

  • Make a list. I love it, making lists! Especially scrap the things you've already done gives a good feeling ;) Begin with it one week before you pack your stuff, then you can always write something in the coming week

I put everything on the ground. You don't want to see the mess, but for me, it's a good way to oversee if I really have everything

Think about what you really need.. do you really need new clothes every day? You can make other combinations, that shirt on the same pants the next day for example. And when you have the space for it, you can always hang a shirt outside to give it some fresh air. Then you can wear it the next day again..

Don't take to many shoes with you. In the beginning, I had running and walking shoes.. but now I only have running shoes where I also walk on.. Put them on when you are going to fly.. that saves space in the bag and less weight to carry.

I now have an E-reader. Perfect! I normally loved to read a normal book, but it saves so much weight and you can carry a lot of books with you

Most of the weight I carry is my electricity, like a laptop, cables, a photo camera, etc. I just want to make backups from my pictures, because they are really important for me, and I want to write in my blog: to let the people at home know I'm alright and let them enjoy my adventures with me. And yeah, I want to do that, so then I will take one pantless with me J When you like photography take an extra battery. They are light and then you don't have to miss the chance for that one perfect picture.. for when you are eye to eye with that elephant and your battery is empty.. oh-oh ;)

Take a small extension cable with you. Then you can charge more things because, in a lot of guesthouses in Asia for example, they only have one plug. Or a plug for in your car to put in your cigarette charger, you have double from those. When you drive in a car you can charge your phone on the way

Buy plastic bags at your local grocery shop. You can put all the stuff in there, and write down with a permanent marker what is in it.. so one for your shirts, the other one for you electricity and so on.. then you can find everything easy. And you don't bother the environment with it because you use them over and over again. And when I'm at home I use them as trash bags.

Search the backpack you want. You have ones with a front loader. I also have that, but because of my plastic bags, I don't use it.

Buy liquid detergent. Then you can wash your own clothes once in a while when you are away on a long journey. In the beginning, I let it wash in Asia because it was not so expensive, but I now find it relaxing to wash it myself. And then you are sure they don't wash it in the water of the Ganga for example haha

When you want to bring a sleeping bag of a mat, put them at the site of your backpack, then you can save up some space inside your bag.

Take a flight bag with a small locker. Then you can lock it when you give your stuff at the airport. And bring a cable to put in your bag for example for in the trains in India. I know, when they really want, they can always take your stuff, but when you lock it, it will take them more time, and they want to run as quick as possible when they are out on doing no good ;)

Don't take too many toiletries. It weighs a lot and when you need something, you can always put in in the country you are visiting. And most of the time that's even cheaper (when you are from Europe and you travel to Asia ;))

For safety: split all your important stuff. Put your passport for example in a money belt, your credit card in another bag where you're toiletries are, and your bank card in your wallet. Spread your money. When they steal something, most of the time it isn't your hand luggage and your suitcase or backpack.. so you can always have something. The first trip I did, the stole all my stuff, and I had everything in one wallet: money, credit card and bank card. Stupid, but a very good lesson! Always spread your stuff! Take a small wallet with you, when they want to rob you, you can give that and not your important one. Or when you meet a corrupt police officer, you can show him you don't have a lot of money to pay your fine

In 3 weeks I'm going to travel again.. I think I will start packing my backpack. What about you?!

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