6 Day Journey to Experience the Mount Everest and the Majestic Himalayas

  • Updated on Feb 15, 2024
  • Nirajan Chaulagain

Recently, we undertook a 6-day Everest View Trek that culminated at Tengboche Monastery. Our flight to Lukla, the world's most dangerous airport, was direct from Kathmandu Domestic Airport, and there were only 4 foreigners on board, with 2 of them from Vietnam. During peak season, the flight to Lukla would depart from Manthali Airport, but we flew directly from Kathmandu. People were nervous about flying to Lukla, especially since there had been a recent crash near Pokhara airport.

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6 Days Mount Everest View Trek from Kathmandu, Nepal

Day 01: Kathmandu to Lukla Phakding (Toktok)

Upon arriving at Lukla, the airport was almost empty, and there were no porters present—just us and 2 other foreigners for the hike. The market in Lukla was mostly closed in the morning. We had tea at Hotel Nest and began our trek to Phakding to complete our Mount Everest View Trek. Our friend Amit, who had previously hiked with us in the Annapurna region on the Mardi Himal Trek, joined us on this trek. He was surprised to see the empty trail, as the Everest Trek is one of the world's best trekking routes. The day was sunny, and the weather was perfect for hiking. Kongde Peak and other peaks appeared bare due to the absence of snow. Despite expecting snow, it did not snow during our entire journey. Our first night was spent in the TokTok village near Phakding. The quiet trail was a nice change from the usual crowds, but it was also lonely not seeing other trekkers. Our first day's hike was easy, taking about 4 hours to complete, and we reached the tea house in the afternoon. The Wi-Fi at the hotel was excellent and we all stayed busy on our mobile devices. The meal options were limited during the off-season, as not all dishes were served.

Day 02: Toktok to Namche;

On the second day of the trek to Namche Bazaar, all trekkers found it to be a lengthy and challenging experience. After breakfast at the hotel, the day began with a crossing of Monjo village. Monjo is also where permits to enter the Everest region are issued; two permits are required. On the previous day, the Khumbu entrance permit was obtained near Lukla airport at a cost of 2000 rupees for foreigners. At the Sagarmatha National Park, the wait was longer due to unexpected tourists and the counter being closed. However, with the help of an army officer, the Sagarmatha National Park permits were obtained. The cost for foreigners was 3000 rupees per person and 1500 rupees per year for the guide.

On the second day of the trek, we were the first group to arrive at the Monjo checkpoint. After Monjo, we crossed a bridge and reached Jorsalley, where we had lunch at the Bishal TeaHouse, which was delicious. Following the Dudh Koshi River, we continued on to our next stop, Namche. Our porter, Purna Dai, was fast and was far ahead of us. Usually, porters don't walk together because they don't want to slow down after carrying heavy loads. As we approached the Hillary suspension bridge, we began the hardest part of the trek, a steep ascent that lasted for three to four hours. On the way, we came across a couple carrying a large load of supplies and I was filming when the man suddenly fell. I felt terrible seeing him struggle to get up, so I offered him my hiking poles. Unfortunately, the first glimpse of Everest was obscured by clouds, but we could see half of Lhotse. Before reaching Namche, we passed a police checkpoint and had to enter our details. We finally made it to the Hilten Hotel in Namche. The weather was sunny all day. Purna Dai, our porter, was able to stay with us at the hotel, which was uncommon as porters usually have to find accommodation in huts or porter houses. After getting our rooms and having tea, my guest retired to their room while my friend Amit and I hiked to the Sagarmatha Museum to watch the sunset. Although Mount Everest was still obscured by clouds, the view was clear, and we took some great photos. Some people choose to stay inside the hotel after reaching Namche, but we recommend taking a 10-15 minute hike to see the evening views. I always try to capture the best of every place with my camera. It was freezing, so we returned to the hotel, ordered food for my guests, and ended the day.

Day 03 Namche - Khumjung - Namche Exploring

On the third day in Namche, we took a rest day for acclimatization. After breakfast, we went for a gentle 2-hour walk to the Everest View Hotel. Although it was a cloudy day, we were hoping to see Mount Everest, but it wasn't visible. However, we were able to see other peaks like Tawache, Amadablam, and Thamserku. We had a cup of tea at the hotel, but our wait for the view of Everest was in vain. Next, we visited Khumjung village. With an altitude of 3,790 meters and mostly inhabited by the Sherpas, Khumjung is known as the capital of the Sherpas in the Solukhumbu district. The village's major attractions are the green roofs, the Edmund Hillary School, and the monastery with the Yeti Scalp. Sadly, most of the houses were locked and only a few people were around as the Edmund Hillary School was closed for winter vacation. People in the village usually farm potato, barley, and buckwheat, but it was too early for farming since they were waiting for snow. After visiting Khumjung, we walked back to Namche Bazar via Khunde village. Throughout the day, it was cloudy and the temperature kept dropping. We had a late lunch at the hotel and stayed inside to keep warm for the next day.

Day 04 Namche - Tengboche

This morning, I woke up early because the weather forecast showed that it was going to snow. I was excited because my guest wanted to see snow for the first time. The stars and moon were shining outside, so I spent some time on my phone checking emails while waiting for the sunrise. The morning was clear, which was great because my clients hadn't seen Mount Everest due to cloud cover. After breakfast, we hiked for 15 minutes to Tengboche Monastery. I took off my down jacket after 15 minutes because of the climb. After a few minutes, we saw Mount Everest shining in the blue sky. We took many photos, but my camera battery died and I had forgotten to bring the charger. I used my GoPro 8 and 9 with my phone to take pictures and videos. The trail from Kyanjuma (3550 meters) was easy, but we were unable to find a place for a tea break. After lunch at Phunki Tenga (3250 meters), we hiked to Tengboche, which took 2.5 hours. The weather was clear, but some peaks like Amadablam and Thamsherku were later covered by clouds. We stayed at the Trekkers Inn instead of Himalaya Gompa Lodge because we didn't want our porter to have to walk far to find a place to stay. Tengboche is 3860 meters high and has great views. It also has the oldest monastery in the Khumbu region.

The Tengboche monastery was destroyed by a fire in 1989, but it was rebuilt with donations from around the world. The Mani Rimdu festival is celebrated at the monastery and is the most important festival for the Sherpa people. The festival lasts 19 days and involves ceremonies and meditation. The festival attracts many tourists who come to trek to Everest Base Camp and witness the festival. We called a monk who was a bit drunk, but he allowed us to visit the monastery. Most of the monks were in Kathmandu, but we were able to talk to a few at the monastery.

One of my clients developed a headache from altitude sickness and was unable to eat properly. I told him to take medicine and rest. The rooms were freezing and the tea house owner had to carry water for us to use the bathroom. During dinner, some of the Nepalese guides and porters talked about their stories and politics, which was interesting. The day ended here.

Day 05 Tengboche to Toktok 

The weather was clear and cold at -5°C when we went to Tengboche Monastery to view Mount Everest. Our guests stayed back at the hotel for tea as it was too cold for them. After breakfast, we took a local, rugged trail and followed our porter Purna Dai. The trail was slippery due to dried leaves and not suitable for hiking. While walking in the forest, a barking dog prevented us from seeing any wildlife. It took us almost an hour to reach Phunki Tenga, where we encountered yaks carrying supplies. It's best to avoid getting close to yaks as they can get angry and cause issues. On the way back to Namche, we had an amazing view of Amadablam on our left and Everest on our back. The hike took 4 hours and was easy. We stopped for lunch in Namche Bazaar. Our original plan was to stay in Monjo but we continued to TokTok and stayed at Hotel Himalaya after a 7-hour hike. By the time we reached Namche, everything was empty, but we saw 10 foreigners at the tea house. The guy at the tea house was alone, so I helped him in the kitchen, which was fun. We had yummy food and ended our day there.

Day 06 Toktok - Phakding - Lukla

We started our hike from Lukla this morning at 9am as the trail was easy and shorter compared to our original plan of hiking from Namche. Our 4-5 hour hike took us through Phakding village, Ghat, and ThadoKoshi, which was the same route we took on our first day. Despite not stopping for lunch, we made plans to have it in Lukla. When we arrived in the afternoon, we were happy to see that a few shops and coffee shops were open. We enjoyed a coffee at Illy, which was something we had been missing during our trip. We checked into the Buddha Lodge in Lukla, which was located near the airport. The lodge was nice and offered attached bathrooms, warm dining, and a rooftop view.

This was the last day of our Porter Purna dai, so we gave him a good tip as a way of thanking him for his services. I personally encourage all guests to tip their porters and guides as their salaries are dependent on the amount paid for the trip, which can sometimes be as low as 17-20 dollars. We saw the happiness on his face after the tip and after lunch, he departed for his home in TokTok. We promised him that we would see him again for our future Everest Trek and that our guides would reach out to him. During our free time, we went for a walk to take some sunset pictures of the Lukla airport runway and captured some beautiful photos and videos. The next morning, our check-in time was 7:30am, so we packed our bags and went to bed early to be ready for the next day.

Can We See Mount Everest from Namche Bazzar? 

Yes, that's correct. To see Mount Everest from Namche Bazaar, one needs to hike up to Sagarmatha Museum or hike for 2 hours to reach the top of Everest View Hotel. The view from these locations provides stunning panoramic views of the mountain, but it is not visible from the hotel rooms or from the center of Namche Bazaar. It's always best to check with the local tour guide or operator for the best view locations and to account for weather conditions that may affect visibility.

Where and how long I can extend my trek from Namche Bazaar? 

Yes, there are several trekking options from Namche Bazaar that you can extend your trek for a longer duration. Some popular options are:

  • Mount Everest Base Camp Trek: This trek takes approximately 5 days and takes you to the base of the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest.
  • Gokyo Valley Trek: A 4-day trek that takes you to the stunning turquoise lakes of Gokyo and offers panoramic views of the Himalayas.
  • Everest Three High Passes Trek: This trek is a more challenging option and takes around 16 to 17 days to complete. It involves crossing three high mountain passes, including the Renjola Pass, and offers breathtaking views of the Everest region.

These are just a few options, and you can consult with your guide or agency to choose the best option based on your interests, fitness level, and available time.

In conclusion, the 6-day Everest View Trek itinerary is a perfect way to witness the grandeur of Mount Everest and experience the traditional culture of Nepal. This trek takes you through the picturesque villages of Khumjung and Tengboche Monastery and culminates with a stay at the famous Everest View Hotel, offering panoramic views of the mighty peak. Whether you're an avid trekker or just looking for a short adventure, the Everest View Trek is a must-do for anyone visiting Nepal. With breathtaking scenery, rich cultural experiences, and the chance to see the world's highest mountain up close, this trek is sure to leave a lasting impression. Our review shows that this trek has received high praise from many satisfied trekkers, and it is evident why it remains one of the most popular trekking destinations in the region. So, if you're looking for an unforgettable trek that brings you close to the heart of the Himalayas, look no further than the Short Everest Trek to see Mount Everest from Namche.