Manaslu Circuit Trek Video

Amazing Manaslu Circuit Trek Drone Video by Rugged Trails Nepal. Among the top 10 best treks in Nepal, Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the best. Beautiful waterfalls, landscapes, Tibetan Buddhism, people, culture, and obviously the mountains are just amazing on this trek. Rugged Trails Nepal 16-Day Manaslu Circuit Trek can be customised for a 14-day short Manaslu Circuit Trek.

The highest part of the trek is the Larkya La (pass), at 5135 metres (16,847 feet). Manaslu Circuit Trek price depends on the services you are looking for, but the minimum standard trip cost is 1200 USD per person, all inclusive. To trek to Manaslu, there must be a minimum of two people in a group. Rugged Trails Nepal arranges all the necessary trek permits for the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Don't panic if you are single and want to do the Manaslu circuit trek; we will arrange group permits and treks.