Nepal Travel Restrictions Coronavirus

Published: Friday, Jan 01, 2021

Firstly Happy New Year and Let's welcome 2021 with peace and hopes around the world. 2020 had been tough for all because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. There are hopes and positive vibes after receiving the Covid Vcaccin but still how long time takes to distribute around the world is another big challenge. So during this time, many people are curious about Nepal travel whether they can visit or not! 

Can I travel to Nepal Right Now?

The answer is yes but you have to follow the rules to enter rules before and after. Check the flyer below. For further details please follow the link or email us. 

Nepal Travel Updates 3/19/2021

Nepal quarantine rules for international passengers 

  • Now visitors can get Visa on Arrival at the Kathmandu airport.
  • No quarantine for visitors. 
  • No Corona Insurance (Normal travel insurance will be enough). 

For more check Link: Nepal Immigration Updates