Yoga Trek to Everest Base Camp

  • Updated on Mar 25, 2022
  • Rugged Trails Nepal

The Mountains are not just to climb and see but to feel the spiritual energy, All you need to know about the Everest Yoga Trek. After the successful attempt of Everest Expedition by Tenzing and Edmund Hillary Everest is more popular and still the world’s best trekking destination. To see the world’s iconic peak thousands of trekkers come to Nepal. We ask people why you guys choose the Himalayas when it’s sort of tough for those people who come from the 0 lands. They say “ It’s nowhere else in the world and the Himalayas has a special kind of energy”. It’s not surprising to hear that there is an energy in the Himalayas because Nepalese believe that God lives in the Himalayas. This is not the stories of one person who travels with Rugged Trails Nepal, it’s stories of all of those people who come to Nepal. We have some friends who travel yearly in Nepal just to stay in the Himalayas.

In Hinduism and Buddhism practitioner believe that God lives in the Himalayas, that's why hundreds and thousands of years old Temples and Monasteries are built over there. In this land of saints and the Buddha has that kind of spiritual vibes around that everyone can take positive energy. 

You are all set for Everest Trek but hey you know what with a little bit extra amount you are going to experience the difference. Some people said, "If there is heavy rain and nothing to cover stay under the Big tree than a tiny tree" means to say that being with the spiritual vibes people something good to learn, exchange, sharing, and caring. This is the limited group size not more than 14 and we organized twice a year. Scroll down to see Yoga Trek video.

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Why Yoga Trek to Everest Base Camp?

Highlights of Yoga Trek to Everest Base Camp.

  • To learn, Have Adventures, To meet People, to Know yourself, To challenge yourself, To experience the culture, To feel alive, and To look back and wonder- what if?   
  • The trip starts from the heritage city of Kathmandu after visiting the ancients heritages site. 
  • Yoga Pilgrimage to the Sacred parts in the Himalayas. 
  • Trekking to the world's favorite destination "Everest Base Camp"
  • The Loop Trekking route covers Gokyo Lakes and Chola-Pass.  
  • Ancient Monasteries, and Gompas of Everest Region. 
  • Gokyo Ri viewpoint, 100% better view than the Base Camp or Kalapatthar".
  • A certified Yoga instructor who teaches the ancient yoga practice and shares the Philosophy of Yoga.
  • Mountain guide who lead and shows, share the beauty of Everest Region. 
  • Sherpas who help and push to cross the difficulties.

Getting Ready for Yoga Trek to Everest Base Camp?

Our Journey to Everest Base Camp starts from Kathmandu. 1st day we gathered together and introduction with all our team and the yoga members. Airport pickup is included so don't need to worry we just need your flight details. Welcomed by Nepalese dinner at the local restaurants with dance performances and cuisine that may haven't tasted before. The second day is the day where we practice yoga at the ancient places with our Tour Experts and the Yoga Instructor. Pooja ceremony will be at Pashupatinath outer surface. 

The 3rd day officially we are will head to the Himalayas after taking a scenic flight to Lukla. Some people say it's thirling but it's all in head "small flight but it's not even worse like people says".

Each day we will start with Yoga and Meditation up to 4300M and after that, we will focus on breathing practice. We will practice Yoga 2 times a day, in the morning and evening but after crossing 4300m in alpine zone physically not good to do hardcore poses.  The yoga instructor will decide who and what kind of stretches will be good on that elevation. Our Guide will decide the places and rest of the daily plans, it's a well-organized trip to give you a lifetime memory. 

How Much is the Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek Price?

  • For 2021 Oct Yoga Trek price is 2095 USD per person and the price will be slightly changed yearly because of the airfare and other expenses. For Details Itinerary and to Book Yoga Trek, click the below link. 

Everest Yoga Trek

Permits, Visa Required.

Nepal visa is on arrival at the Kathmandu international airport, and it's easy. Trekking permits will be arranged by Rugged Trails Nepal. All the government taxes are even included in the trip price. 

Accommodation during the Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek.

In the city "Kathmandu" we will provide 3* hotel in a peaceful environment with the garden inside. During the trek, there will be hotels and Tea Houses which are run by the local communities up to Base Camp. Tea houses are basic but comfortable with the DBL room and mostly two beds in each room. Common dining hall for meals and relaxing, and they use the traditional way to warm up the area.

Check the Full video of Everest Base Camp Yoga trek which was from this April 2018. October we will not see snow on the trail but during the April sometime there will be snowing. 

We start taking Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek booking for 2022, and 2023.