Short Mohare Danda Ghorepani Trek

  • Updated on Feb 15, 2024
  • Nirajan Chaulagain

Actually, we planned to see the route of Mohare Danda and took a drive to Beni (Mallajs) from Pokhara. Our Porter Jivan has been walking this trail, so we were kind of confident that he was directing us in the right direction. Indra walked this trail years ago, and at that time there were no roads, but he wasn't sure what the trail actually looked like today. Rugged Trails Nepal, other guides, and some of our groups did the Mohare Danda trek, but personally, being the leader of a company, I wasn't sure, so I decided to join with them.

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Our customers, Adam and Sophie, were friendly and flexible with the trip plans. Very few clients are like those who are ready to accept the last-minute changes. Thanks, Adam and Sophie, for being flexible! guides and companies change the plans something best knowing their interest meeting in person. As I had already mentioned, the trek will be quite off the beaten track, and it's a community-based trek. On the first day, after a long, bumpy drive to Mallas, we started our hike towards Mohare Danda.

The first part of the trek was quite interesting because the village is not so far from the main town (Beni), but still we can see the unchanged and typical lifestyle of Nepalese people. Most of the trail was on the road, and we took some shortcut trails to avoid roads, but there weren't many vehicles, just a few tractors. Almost a 3-hour hike to BansKharka passes through the villages, farms, and interesting temples that were built by Mallas people. When we arrived at the place where we had booked it, it was Homestay, and we had to wait for 30 minutes because the house owner wasn't there. Till then, the sunset view was amazing; check out the picture below. We stayed with the family, but the food was prepared in a small community house, and we needed to walk 5 minutes from the house. She was a bit nervous about the food orders, and she was alone, so we helped her prepare food. 

The second day from BansKharka to Nagi Village was kind of intense because it was uphill from the beginning and the weather report was showing that it's going to rain. After breakfast, we started our journey towards Nagi village, passing through the beautiful Rohodondren forest. Spring is one of my favorite seasons to trek in the foothills of Annapurna because of the beautiful flowers and the bird's sounds. It was cloudy, so we couldn't see the Himalayas on the way, but in the morning from BansKharka, we saw the top of Mt. Dhaulagiri. There were trail markers on the way, but it's not clear enough. People can easily get lost in another season; not everything is dry and they can see things around, but sometimes communities need to manage it. So the lunch spot was in the village, and there were 2 boys who were taking care of it. We helped them too to prepare food and leave for Nagi. We were in a rush because of the weather, but thank God when we reached Nagi Lodge, it started raining. Personally, within a short day, I haven't imagined the village lifestyle is so unchanged and can see the remoteness lifestyle. I had done many other trips to Everest and Langtang, but this was quite a special experience. At Nagi, you can take a hot shower. The sunset view was perfect, and Dhaulagiri and Annapurna South were not clear but still beautiful. 

Seriously, if you are looking for fewer tourists on the trek, then I highly recommend the Mohare Danda Ghorepani Trek

So on the third day, the main highlights of the trek are Mohare Danda View Point. I woke up early in the morning to take some shots, which were disappointing because it wasn't fully clear and clouds were moving. After breakfast, when we walked 50 meters up, the view was beautiful with the Dhaulagiri Ranges. Check out the pic below. From Nagi to Mohare Danda, it was about a 5–6-hour trek inside the forest. Interesting flora, and obviously different colors of rhododendron flowers and some wildflowers too. Almost 2–3 hours were spent inside the forest, and after that, we reached the lunch spot, which doesn't even look like a wooden bathroom (seriously), but thank God there was something to eat. The guy who was there was kind of slow and didn't even know how to handle it and make it fast. We helped to make Dal, Curry, tea, and coffee. It was fun to share and work because it was warm to stay next to the fire and it was very cold. After a quick lunch, we started our last move for Mohare Danda, started raining, and on the trail, there was snow. We didn't see anything because of the clouds. We kept following the trail to Mohare Danda and stayed inside the tea houses. It was so nice and warm inside because of the fire, and the people were friendly and nice. We reached there by 2 and now have nothing to do because it was raining outside. Well, keep praying for the morning view. 

I was sure that the morning would be clear, but it was still unbelievable when I looked outside at 2 am when the morning started and the moon was shining and the Himalayas were shining like diamonds. It was so windy and cold outside, and I didn't think to take pictures but couldn't sleep after that. Around 5 a.m., I fell asleep and, after 30 minutes, woke up and was so desperate to go outside for the sunrise view. Mohare Danda Viewpoint is better than Poonhill because, from here, we can see mountains closer and the landscape is beautiful. We can even see Pokhara and more panoramic Himalayan views. I took some nice shots and enjoyed the view of the coffee. The morning was beautiful, and after breakfast, we headed down to Poonhill, Ghorepani. From Mohare Danda, we can go to Khopra Trek, Tadapani, Ghandruk, and so on, but we had a plan to walk to Ulleri via Ghorepani. The view was amazing and better than Poonhill, so we didn't stop at Poonhill and went to Ghorepani for lunch. Probably that day was clear from the morning until the night because there were no clouds, just a clear blue sky. 

This was our Short Mohare Danda Ghorepani Trek story. If you are ready for this trip, simply write, and as always, we try to give the best from us in a friendly way. Traveling with experienced guides and companies means you will get more information and details about the places, people, and safety. Tell us your ideas and let us work on the plan you choose that is best for you.