Short Everest View Trekking

  • Updated on Feb 17, 2024
  • Amanda

I was more than happy to have Zoe propose a long trek to the Himalayas after she saw my photos of the Ghorepani Poon Hill (Annapurna Mountain Range) trek last year. We were very pleased that Nirajan of Rugged Trails Nepal organized the trek route based on our physical fitness and our desire to see the Everest Summit. The journey went smoothly, despite unforeseen incidents along the way. Needless to say, we were very excited to see the Everest. From afar, she was like a crystal triangle. Though the weather was unstable, we were happy that most of the time the sky was clear and we were surrounded by the snow-capped mountains. We were also glad that the 9 consecutive days of the long walk did not cause any physical pain. I was happy for Zoe and myself to have done the trip and enjoyed the journey.

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Short Everest View Trekking with Rugged Trails Nepal

“Happy, surprised, and adventurous” is how my friend Zoe described the trip at the end of the 9-day Everest Base Camp trek. I agreed with her completely.

It was not surprising that it rained almost every day, which was expected in late August and early September because of the monsoon climate. We went ahead, as I believed that the mountains have a unique charm in each season. The surprise was that we did not get sick, even after being soaked wet after the long day trek. What did it say? It tells us that exercise strengthens our body's strong immune system. Owing to the weather, we could not fly back to Kathmandu with the propeller plane. Instead, we made a once-in-a-lifetime helicopter trip, enjoyed a 50-minute flight, and enjoyed the magnificent view of the high mountain villages, terraces, rivers, canyons, forests, and cities.

The meaning of adventurous truly depends on one's interpretation. For some, perhaps it means breaking one’s own past record. As a matter of fact, both of us broke our personal elevation record by climbing up to 4,600 m. To me, the adventure was what we actually achieved. It was a lifetime experience in testing our potential and understanding the extent of patience and tolerance. If we are persistent and appreciate the present moment, then from there we can carry on and develop ourselves.

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The video that Nirajan created was another pleasant surprise. It did not only leave us with a record but also a profound memory. After sharing the video with friends, some of them considered the journey tough or crazy. But I disagree. 6 to 9 hours of walking a day does not harm our body, as we were mentally and physically trained prior to the trip. Nonetheless, we did not consider such activity a waste of money and time. If there would be any suffering/pain, it would have been from one’s craving to achieve something that was out of the ordinary, beyond our limitations. The aim of our Nepal journey was to appreciate nature, purify our minds, and go back to ourselves, which could not be measured by material gain. Moreover, we should avoid creating aversion when things do not meet our expectations. I strongly believe that with a clear sense of self-understanding, determination, and faith, we can make everything possible.

Thank you, Zoe and Nirajan! Thank you for the peaceful, remarkable, and enjoyable journey. I wish that I would have another adventure and be in the Himalayas again.

Amanda Cheung, Hong Kong, September 30, 2017