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  • Updated on Jan 27, 2020
  • Nirajan Chaulagain

We never fell rush to write about Visit Nepal 2020 Campaign because we have been waiting for what interesting things going to happen in 2020. Just for blogging and to get traffic on our page we were not ready. It's fair trade business and tourism is the most important and biggest backbone for the country's economy. Most of our travel partners and friends asked during our visit to their homeland, what actually is Visit Nepal 2020? There were many questions and suggestions but we are addressing about Visit Nepal 2020 campaign. 

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Visit Nepal 2020 is a Campaign of Ministry of Culture Tourism and Nepal Tourism Board to attract more tourists in this country. 

Only saying Government campaign is not enough so all the Tour Operators, Trekking Companies including Hotel Associations and other Tourism related services are together with this Campaign. After the success of 1998, Vist Nepal Year government planned for 2011 and 2015, and 2018 but it wasn't successful like 1998. After the Earthquake on 2015 Government postponed for 2018 but later again it's postponed for 2020. 

Why Visit Nepal 2020? 

Medieval cities travel nirvana, mountains, jungles, and the friendliest people ever are some of the great things about Nepal. Yes, there is a reason everyone loves this region, and you will too. Probably it’s too obvious to speak about Nepal’s natural scenery. But it’s a reason enough to visit this famous region. The soaring Himalayas provide some of the outstanding hiking and mountaineering. Besides, the steamy plains near the Indian border provide most of Asia’s top wildlife viewing opportunities. 

Obviously to attract more tourists and to collect more revenue for Nepal. BUT, without any doubt and questions, Nepal is one of the top destinations in the world for Himalayan beauty. There are dozens of Reasons and Introductions about Nepal but the most important is nowhere else in the earth has the Mountains like Nepal.

  • This is the land of Buddha, Yogis, Sadhus, Living Goddess Kumari and the home of amazing Culture and activities. 
  • Home of World's tallest mountain peaks, a habitat of snow leopard, home of Royal Bengal Tiger, Rhino. 
  • Let's not forget Trekking in Nepal Himalayas and to Everest Base Camp is always the top reason. 
  • Follow the below link to know some interesting facts about Nepal and it will be helpful why you should visit Nepal. 

Nepal Interesting Facts 

Visit Nepal 2020 slogan; "Visit Nepal 2020 Lifetime Experince"

Visit Nepal was important and looking forward to the grand success because After the Earthquake most of the mainstream media showed Nepal is totally devasted by the Earthquake. It was devasted and nearly 9000 people were killed but Nepal wasn't collapsed like the media were showing globally. But Earthquake introduced Nepal which is quite interesting because still there many people who don't know Nepal. 

Fun fact or Personal story; When I (Nirajan, Team Leader) was in New York and one evening some of the friends invited for drinks and I forgot to carry my passport with me. So the guy stopped me at the entrance and asked my ID which I didn't have, I was trying to convince him but he wasn't impressed. Finally, I had to tell him, hey you know what I am from Nepal and I have a picture of my passport on my mobile. I can't explain his reaction but he starts saying "you from the Earthquake Country" I was surprised that he don't know Everest, Buddha but he knows Earthquake Country! and he allows me to enter because of the Earthquake, it's crazy but a different experince in life. 

My personal experince also shows that how Nepal is exposed globally if there wasn't Everest, Buddha or Earthquake it would be hard to tell People from which planet we are. Nowadays it's easy and faster to advertise Nepal because of the various platform and social media is most important. Nepal is a beautiful country with amazing mountains, Culture tradition, Unesco World Heritage sites, countless ethnic groups and their different arts, culture, celebrations.

What are the interesting things to do and see in Visit Nepal 2020? 

It's quite tough to answer for those who want to come back to Nepal but a clear answer " Nepal is an open museum of Nature, culture, and out activities". It's not like a movie with a new story because there are unlimited destinations in Nepal even for return travelers. People for the first time they don't want to Miss Everest Base Camp or Trekking in Annapurna Region or exploring around Kathmandu, Chitwan, Lumbini, and Pokhara. 

If you are a beach person then in Nepal there are no beaches but the beautiful lakes and with mountains reflection will impress you. Words can't describe just be yourself there and share your own experince. There are thousands of travelers who had written about Nepal beauty and their experience which is also the witness for you to visit Nepal.  

Besides of Beaches, you will get all those kind of activities in Nepal, for budget travelers to the Luxury Travelers Nepal is the world's 5th country in Best valued Destination. 

There are dozens of Trekking and Tour activities listed on our website but all the activities can be customized as per your length of holiday and interest. So while planning for Visit Nepal 2020 there are many new destinations such as Far West Nepal and Trips like Nepal Drive Tour, Nepal Yoga Treks & Tours which are new tastes with Rugged Trails Nepal.

Tell us your travel ideas and budget, we match with our expert and you pick the best for you. 

Best Time to Visit Nepal 2020

  • Nepal has four seasons that and each season has a unique impact on your itinerary. 
  • September to late November: This is considered the peak season, and it’s the right time to visit Nepal for trekking and other related activities. 
  • December, January, and February: These are cold and freezing winter months in Nepal
  • February to April: Nepal’s second peak season for tourism activities. The season is characterized by warm temperatures. 
  • May and June: Start of the monsoon season (hot and humid). 
  • June to August: Monsoon is usually in full swing. If you intend to visit Nepal this time, come prepared to get wet and experience annoying flight delays. 

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