8 Days Mardi Himal Yoga Trek

  • Updated on May 27, 2022
  • Nirajan Chaulagain

Nowadays Mardi Himal is one of the most popular trekking routes in the Annapurna Region. Usually when the word trekking comes there was a mentality in Nepalese people that trek is just for tourist (White people). Now the is been changing and Nepalese youths started exploring Nepal trek trails. Among other trekking routes, Mardi Himal is their favorite choice because of the stunning views in lower elevation. All you need to know about the 8 days Mardi yoga trek, Mardi Yoga Trek was the first Yoga trek package in Nepal which was discovered by Rugged Trails Nepal.

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Why Mardi Himal Yoga Trek?

In short, Mardi is just an amazing place mixed with greenery forest, hills, peaceful and the stunning view of the Himalayas within a short day in lower elevation. The results and the reviews of our clients show that this is the perfectly designed itinerary for all kinds of travelers. Don’t need to rush and push like other adventure trips. Like in Everest trek bit hard and pushes need because of the elevation and the trail. We will have enough time for Yoga and Meditation because the walking hour is less. In one day don’t need to walk more than 4 hours including a tea break.

Will there be enough time to practice yoga and to do Meditation?

  • Yes!, as we mentioned above we will be walking a maximum of 4 hours a day and in the morning and evening, we will practice yoga and meditation. It will be an outdoor yoga practice and in all spots there is grassland. Normally this trip departs in the clear months where skies will be clear and no rains.

Who can join this Yoga retreat?

  • Don’t need to have previous yoga and hiking experiences. It will help if you have previous experiences but we welcome all and limited participants only. The maximum number will be 10 in one group and the Nepalese yoga instructor will teach. Note that the techniques might be different because we are practicing in an authentic way.

What made Mardi Yoga Trek unique?

  • From the Mountains to Melodies of birds, from the hills to the Himalayas, from the height to Heaven, from the Locals to Locations, the Food to Freedom, from the Team to the Terrain and from the Landscapes to the Logic this is just the perfect trip. Remove all the anxiety and anxious just be with the fresh air of the Himalayas. When the sun rises in the morning start healing your body with the morning rays in the open sky. Nowhere you can feel this kind of energy inside the chaos city and rooms. Photography is another thing that makes this trip unique. In the lower elevation within short days, you will not find this kind of landscape, Himalayan views and peaceful spots on other trek routes.

The trip starts from Pokhara only and what about Kathmandu to Pokhara?

  • Mardi Yoga Trek starts from Pokhara and ends at Pokhara but if you are interested to join this trip we will make a customized itinerary from Kathmandu. The dates are fixed and you need 2 extra days in Nepal. Kathmandu to Pokhara and Pokhara to Kathmandu, either you can fly or drive from Kathmandu. 

Let me share with you all the Mardi Himal stories, In 2013 I received the first queries from an Italian couple for Mardi Himal trek. That time I was working with a trekking company in Nepal and Mardi Trek was listed on trek package but sadly none of us know the details of this trip. Maybe the team also forwarded me these queries so they didn’t want to wash their brains. Honestly, I asked dozens of guides but no results and I was shocked if nobody knows why our company listed this trip. Anyway, finally one trekking cook guide said, he knows the trail. I collect detail information from him and he makes me sure that he had done this trek. However, with his information, I made the client to book the trip but here comes when it comes time to do face to face briefing about the trip. I was pretty nervous because I haven’t done that trail and I wasn’t fully confident to explain in detail. I had a feeling that this is not professional and a responsible person must explore the places before selling the trip. The trip was successful and the guide informed me that they were happy but sadly I didn’t get the chance to meet them after the trip. I was curious about the trip was keep tickling my mind and I request those couple to share with me their pictures but they never replied to me.

I quit the company and started my own company but I wasn’t preplanned suddenly happened. I had that deep thought in my mind that I will sell the trip packages but first, I will explore myself as much as possible. Photography is my hobby and was using digital cameras but I bought NIKON D7000 to get capture the best shots.  Everest, Annapurna circuit, Mustang, Rolwaling wasn't on my list because I had done those hikes many years ago. One morning Mardi Hima Tickle me, and without thinking, I packed my bag and started the hike with some of my Nepalese friends.

After crossing Pothana and Pitam Deurali village (Places name) while walking through the peaceful forest I had that feeling this is a really peaceful trail and meditation trip can be organized. Very few people and the bird sounds, greenery hills, with the amazing view of Fishtail, landscapes make me feel like I will create one retreat trip on this trail. Check the Latest Video of Mardi Himal Yoga Trek

Was organizing Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek but Mardi Yoga Trek wasn’t listed yet because I was thinking to run the Trip with Nepalese Yoga Instructor. Florine a French traveler email us to make a customized trip with Yoga Trek for 4 of her friends. Mardi Yoga itinerary was in my mind, I thought ok this is the perfect time to make it happen. The trip confirmed and now the tense again to call Nepalese Yoga instructor. Because of the trip price and also the reason is to Nepalese tradition. We used to invite an International Yoga instructor for Everest Yoga Trek but for this short Mardi Yoga Trek budget wasn’t enough. We have many Nepalese certified yoga instructors but there was a problem with languages so we had to invite an international yoga instructor. A colleague introduced me to a Yoga instructor and the trip departed but I kept thinking what will be the response of the trail. Honestly working with European people is not easy, written is written and they need what it’s written. But thank god they loved it! Received a good response and reviews by them, Thank you, guys.

Now Mardi yoga trek is the famous short yoga retreat trek and I feel happy that many companies are doing spiritual trips in Nepal Himalayas.

Yoga Instructor lost his Ethics and Honesty

Personally, I feel sad with the yoga instructor because he lost his honesty, he didn’t mention that he already has his own trek company. We all are doing business and business is not only the money and clients it’s creative work. We shared all the information and the creative idea to work together for the long term. I listed the Mardi yoga trek on my site because it was a unique idea in that place. After a week I saw the same yoga guy listed the same trip package and not only that using the same photos. But he didn’t put Mardi Himal Yoga Trek t-shirt because there were Rugged Trails Nepal Logo and we do different designs for every single trip.  Having his own company is not a big problem for me but creating the same package and not good, I called him later many times to remove the images which were from our trip and he didn't respond. 

Not only that he is a content writer and he wrote the same trip package for another friend who introduced him.

What do you think? Looks amazing right.. and one more on the trip one night will be at the local houses (Homestay) so you can experience Nepalese cultures too. Mardi Yoga Trek departs yearly. For more details about the Mardi, Yoga Trek feel free to contact us.

We start taking Mardi Himal Yoga Trek booking for 2022, and 2023.