2018 Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek Participants

  • Updated on Mar 21, 2021
  • Rugged Trails Nepal

Rugged Trails Nepal has been organizing Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek via Gokyo Lake. This year also we are continuing this Everest Yoga Retreat and excited to show and share the spiritual energy of Nepal to the participants. There are many stories and troubles behind to arrange this kind of trip at such elevation but Rugged Trails team members are putting effort to make it happen. Personally, I (Nirajan) couldn't forget Robin (Yoga Instructor) for her patience and the effort she made for this trip from the beginning. We couldn't make it before because of various conditions like the Earthquake, participants but I still believe someday we will able to make it happen. 

The last year 2017 Robin introduce Rob (Photographer), Rob is an amazing person but Robin surprise us that she is becoming a mother. Wow!! we were all set up to organize Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek finally with Photography and Yoga but Robin surprise us. But, Robin introduced another Instructor, it didn't work out with financial because we couldn't afford all the expenses from the price which we had quote. Personally thankful to Robin for everything and so happy to see her now with Little Bodhi (Her son).  Bodhi James is cute, right?

Congratulations Robin and thanks for Rob being with us and showing your creative skills. 2017 Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek video will launch soon.

Alright, let's move on 2018 April Everest Yoga Trek Participants, from different countries. This year we are planning different things for the trip to make it more spiritual and meaningful. I don't want to write what is that here because of our plans, itineraries and every single word are copied by many local trekking agencies in Nepal. We messaged them, make a call and all but it works for a few days and again they will change a few words and upload the same itinerary and dates. Anyway, this is our biggest problem in Nepal and not finding something different but Copy-Cating. 

We were thinking to make a Facebook group but this is another way to introduce all the participants expects, hobbies and levels of fitness. we haven't heard from all but here the below we are publishing that participant details who replied quickly. Thanks for all who gave time to answering and we are waiting for other yogis to complete soon. 2018 Yogis name, Marie (France), Fabienne, and Hans (Switzerland), Natalie (USA), Christina (Austria), Robert, and Denise (Canada), and Tejas (India). Scroll down to know about them and what they say about the Trips, Country, and other things.

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2018 Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek Participants

About Robert.

  • I am a 55-year-old Canadian and learned much about Nepal during a previous trip I made in 1995 with a teacher friend of mine and six 14-year-old students. I am a Geographer and photographer by training and have interests in both natural landscapes and world cultures.

I join this trip to join Denise, who wants to hike to the Everest Base Camp

Smiling faces, fun people, amazing scenery, lots of walking and meeting other people. I look forward to the adventure and photography.

I have no yoga experience. I've hiked in the Annapurnas, including the sanctuary, Annapurna Base Camp, and Poon Hill. I've hiked a lot in our Canadian Rocky Mountains, and have made many back-country hiking trips in my youth.

About Denise

  • I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and am Canadian. I work for a nonprofit and lead a dental program that provides mobile oral health access to underserved populations. Aside from my passion as an oral health advocate, I am an avid adventure traveler, and I have incorporated volunteerism at times, both locally and abroad. I feel traveling is the best education a person can receive and experience other cultures that promote understanding, peace, tolerance, compassion, and cultural awareness. Although I have traveled extensively in Asia, I have limited knowledge about Nepal, other than some understanding of the spiritual significance of the area, and of course, familiarity with Everest expeditions.

I was looking for a more spiritual trip this spring to mark a milestone birthday and stumbled on this quite accidentally as I perused yoga/meditation retreats. I had considered a hike to Everest Base Camp in the Spring of 2015, and veered off to India, traveling instead to varies locations including the Dalai Lama's monastery, and Kashmir for hiking and yoga with a friend. Fortunate for us, but not so for Nepal, as the earthquake happened right at this point. As someone who has practiced and learned about various spiritual practices for many years, the idea of incorporating mindful spiritual practice with my love of the outdoors makes this trip very appealing.

I am coming on this trip with an open mind and heart, intending to mindfully absorb as much of the energy of Nepal and the Himalayas as possible. Hopefully, there is something I can contribute in return and I have no real expectations at this point. Quite truthfully, I have not had much time to consider this trip...this usually happens after takeoff! As a lifelong learner, my experiences with various healing and energy modalities such as being a Reiki Master/Teacher and Master Hypnotherapist fuel my desire to continuously learn from others on this life journey. I look forward to sharing in this experience with everyone and trust the right group is evolving. 

Living in the Canadian Rockies, I have good experience with hiking and outdoor activities. Although I practiced yoga for many years, I have had a break over the past five years due to competing priorities and life commitments. I am re-entering this realm with joyfulness, albeit a bit slowly. I think it will be amazing to incorporate this practice with the moving meditation of hiking to EBC. I also appreciate the physical benefits of yoga with my old body!  Namaste!

About Christina

  • I am 33, I'm Austrian - Europe (live in Salzburg, where the famous music composer Mozart was born and "The Sound of Music" was filmed ;-)), studied management and economics and work in Human Resources. I like being outside and active (hiking, running, also trail running, stand up paddling, skiing, ski tours), I like cooking and eating/enjoying food - especially vegetarian dishes and I try to focus on ayurvedic kitchen because it just feels good, I am very much into music - popular and classical music, ...

I've wanted to go on this trip for over 1 year and now it's time to do it. I also had to arrange quite some things at work to be able being away for so long, so also a big thank you to my employee for making this possible :-)

I want to be moving, being in and part of this overwhelming beautiful nature, breathing, for once not being available (for work), being with my thoughts in a meditative state of mind (I've experienced this when I was doing Mt. Kilimanjaro)

Hiking 3-4 times a month summer/fall in Austria, ski-touring 1-2 times a month winter/spring in Austria, Mt. Kilimanjaro in June 2016; I have been doing yoga regularly (2-3 times a week) for 2 years

About Tejas

  • I am Indian, living in Singapore, work for a consulting firm. I am a hobbyist photographer and love seeing new places and meeting people. I also run my own photo art website called oneprintonly.com for likeminded photo-artists. I have never been to Nepal or Northern India, which has been on my list for many years, it is a mystical and magnificent place which holds a special place in the Hindu religion and myth but also in the science where nature expressed itself by shaping the world around us.  

 I make a solo trip every year, it gives me a time to disengage from my routine life and spend time with myself. This year, meditation is one of my goals so I was looking for a meditation camp when I stumbled upon this amazing trek. It covers many of my bucket-list items in one go, and all the great reviews online about you and rugged trails team made this decision very easy. 

I go on trek often, I have hiked up a few mountains in the region like Mt Rinjani and Bromo, I also went solo trekking Daisetsuzan in Hokkaido Japan a couple of years ago. I have done Yoga on and off but I am not an active practitioner. None! I just hope that the weather helps us enjoy the trek.

About Natalie

  • Hey! my name is Natalie. I am 25 and from the USA. I work as a traveling emergency room nurse. I typically work for 13-week increments and I get to travel in between work assignments. I am from New York and grew up hiking in the Adirondack mountains; I've lived in Vermont, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. When I get back from this trip I am moving to Alaska! I have had the opportunity to explore a lot of the US and I am very excited to broaden my horizon. I am so excited to travel to Nepal. When I was younger I made a dream board; hiking to Everest Base Camp was on the list. At that time, I had limited knowledge about Nepal. The last several months my free time has been spent researching about Nepal, but I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. I can’t wait to experience this country first hand! 

Last year I knew that I wanted to travel to Nepal. I had no set idea of what I wanted to do. While doing a lot of research into what kind of trip I wanted, I stumbled across a review about rugged trails. I frequently found myself back on the Rugged Trail website dreaming about this trek. The timing was perfect for me and it just felt right. 

I am going into this trek with an open mind. This is my first solo trip and I so excited about it. I hope to expand my horizons and meet new people! All about the human experience! 

I feel very fortunate that I was raised in the Adirondack mountains. I have always loved hiking, now that I travel for work I find that I connect with a new place so much more when I can explore the outdoors. This past summer my partner and I hiked the John Muir Trail. We spent 29 days in the wilderness and it was truly life-changing. As far as yoga, I am a new yogi!  The past few years I found myself going to classes here and there but could never really quiet my mind enough to actually enjoy the practice. After my long hike that all changed, now I can’t get enough yoga!

About Marie.

(She did Mardi Himal Yoga Trek with us last year and she knows quite more about Nepal)

  • My name is Marie, I'm 29 years old and I'm French. I know a little bit of Nepal because I had the chance to come twice but I still have a lot to discover .. And I really want to find out more :)

Leaving Nepal for the first time, I had promised myself to come back and one day to see Everest more closely. And I dreamed to see the Gokyo Lakes .. This trek is the perfect combination. The "plus" is that it is a yoga trek I am delighted. And the little "more" is that a photographer joins us and I hope thanks to him also to learn

As I said above, I would like to see Everest's 1st base camp... For me and also for a great personal challenge. The lakes are my personal goal they look so beautiful and peaceful .. Being able to practice yoga: to improve my practice and especially because it is surely the ideal place for this activity ..

So hiking ... I'm not a pro at all but I like it ..: Nepal: Mardi Himal; otherwise a short trek to the meeting in Peru, Java, and France. Yoga: I practice hatha yoga in France for 1 year, and I did a 5-day yoga trek in Annapurna (super).

About Hans

  • I don't know much about Nepal, I now that Nepal has all the High Mountains and it is Awesome for Trekking.

Me and Fabienne like being outdoors and love the Mountains, we do a lot of climbing and some Mountaineering. We always wanted to come to Nepal to see all the big Mountains, enjoy the Landscape and Nature.

My Expectations, I hope to have a great time with nice People in an Amazing Country. I know that the Weather can be cold and Rainy and we may not see the Mountains but I hope that we are gone be lucky.

My Hiking experience is pretty good, I have done some 4 to 5 Day Treks while sleeping in Huts or in the Tent. Last Year Fabienne and I were in the US for climbing. For one Climb we had to do a one Day walk in climb and one Day walks out with all our Gear. That was challenging.

My Yoga experience: I have done once a 7 Days Yoga retreat and now I'm in Thailand for Somme more Yoga.

About Fabienne

  • My name is Fabienne and I am from Switzerland. Until the Nepal trip, I worked as a nurse in a boarding school for mentally and physically handicapped children. I am fortunate, nurses are always wanted and finding a job is easy. So I can pursue my passion for traveling and climbing.

Hans and I love to be in the mountains and love to travel. So I think Nepal is an amazing destination for us. I have seen many beautiful pictures of Nepal also from Gokyo Lake. So I hope, that I have the opportunity to see this lake in real. I also hope I going to see the highest mountains in the world and if all works well the crowded base camp.

I already have experience in climbing and mountaineering. But I've never been over 4500hm and l never have hiked longer than 3days. So I am quite excited and open to the new experience. For relaxing and coming down I like to practice some yoga. Actually, I have no deep knowledge so I am looking forward to learning more about the practice and the spirit. I am very happy to do this near the Mountains.

About Surojan "Yoga Instructor"

  • Namaskar, I’m Surojan and 30 years old. When I was 18, I joined Science in college, but then one Yoga book changed my life totally and turned into Yoga. I did a lot of research and practice on Yoga and Naturopathy. Later, I did the Yoga Teacher Training Diploma Course with Naturopathy at Nepal Sanskrit University in Kathmandu.

My passion is to teach the Traditional Way of Yoga and Philosophy. Hiking is my other passion. I like to enjoy nature very much. So I’m very happy to join the EBC Yoga Trek with an open mind. 

We start taking Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek booking for 2021, and 2022.