Mardi Himal Yoga Trek Video

Calling all yoga enthusiasts and mountain lovers! Escape the ordinary and embark on the Mardi Himal Yoga Trek. This unique experience combines the serenity of yoga with breathtaking Himalayan views in the Annapurna region.

Mardi Himal Yoga Trek Highlights:

  • Unforgettable Yoga Sessions: Practice yoga and meditation amidst stunning scenery.
  • Majestic Mountains: Witness panoramic views of Annapurna, Fishtail, and more.
  • Diverse Landscapes: Trek through lush forests and charming mountain villages.
  • Manageable Challenge: Enjoy achievable hikes with incredible elevation gain.
  • Comfortable Stays: Rest in cozy teahouses with delicious meals (vegetarian options available).

Itinerary Designed for Yoga:

  • Focus on Practice: Ample time for yoga and meditation sessions.
  • Moderate Hikes: Enjoy scenic walks lasting 4-5 hours with close together camps.

Suitable for all levels:

  • Open to Beginners: No prior yoga experience is needed.
  • Variety of Options: Skip the high-altitude viewpoint if needed.
  • Family-Friendly: Children as young as 2 have successfully joined the trek.

Unforgettable Memories:

  • Immerse yourself in nature and tranquilly.
  • Challenge yourself with achievable hikes.
  • Create lasting memories of yoga, mountains, and breathtaking views.

Ready for Your Adventure?

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