Tara Air Pokhara Jomsom board flight missing with 22 Passenger

Published: Sunday, May 29, 2022

 Nepal's private airline, Tara Air, lost contact with one of its aircraft this morning as it was approaching Jomsom Airport in the eastern district of Mustang. There were 19 passengers and three crew members on board. Officials are currently investigating the situation. Among the passengers were 13 Nepalese, including the crew, 4 Indian nationals and two Germans.

 Nepal has been hit by pre-monsoon rains and the en route weather on Sunday morning was said to be particularly bad. Jomsom lies on the arid north side of the Himalaya, and has operations only in the mornings because of high winds and cloud build up during the course of the day. And Jomsom airport is the gateway for tourists visiting Nepal’s Mustang District, and also for Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims going to the sacred shrine at Muktinath.