Take to the skies and land in paradise. The ideal flight sets the stage for your Nepali experience. Discover direct routes from busy centers such as Delhi, Dubai, and Doha, or choose a trip via the lively center of Kathmandu. Awaiting a Himalayan Odyssey: Soar over lush valleys and snow-capped peaks. Select your route: smooth direct travel or thrilling stopovers in Asia, Europe, and beyond. Astute traveller advice: Make reservations early during peak season! Accept shoulder seasons as a means of traveling on a tight budget. Go transit hub-hopping—Dubai, Doha, and Delhi are all waiting for you! Being adaptable is essential, so look into other airports and times. Relax, relish the journey, and get ready to be amazed. From the time of takeoff, your journey across Nepal begins. Together, let's take on the clouds!

Direct and connecting flights to Nepal