• Rugged Trails Nepal
    Published: Friday, November 30, 2018

    Everest Base Camp could be your 2019 Travel Destination. Hundreds of different prices but the things which one and why? Everest Base Camp Trek price starts from Scamming price USD 795. Seriously if you are seeing Everest Base Camp Trek price less then 1000$ then you are not getting what you supposed to get. 1000$ is also a group price above 5 7 people in a tight budget. Many portal sites are offering a discount price which even includes everything but wait! you are not getting the food and services what you really want to. 14 Days Everest Base Camp Trek price is 1390 USD per person minimum but group price will go down about 1350 to 1250 depends.


    Rugged Trails Nepal 16 Days Everest Base camp Trek price starts from 1400 USD + for a single person. You must be looking for cheaper but make sure you are getting a guide who can speak excellent English, food from the menu, information about places, cultures. You are not here to scale the heights! Also, the price depends on the category of hotels you want to stay in the cities, it's just a guide or a guide who had taken mountain safety training, climbed some mountains. Rugged Trails Nepal does a limited number of group size rather than bringing hundreds of people. If you are in a group or feel like not to be pushed all the time during the hike then simply email us we give you the best. If you are joining with the random people then make sure you are ready for it.

    Everest Base Camp Trek Details and Tips;

    If you are planning to trek on your own then you may need a guide or a government register porters. From 2019 the government is going to implement new rules above 3000m must with the companies.    

    How Many miles is the Everest Base Camp Trek?

     38.58 miles or 62 Kilometers from Lukla to Everest Base Camp.