• Dinesh Maharjan
    Tour Guide (Spanish, English) Published: Tuesday, October 16, 2018

    The perfect company run by prefect guy

    This is Dinesh Maharjan. I am a tour guide. I am with Nirajan before this company was started. It's been a long time I know him and working with him. The reason behind working for a long time with him is; this guy is kind generous, honest and very very easy to work with him. He treats all his employees as a friend. Any of us working with him never felt like a boss. I personally feel the way he is doing should be called PERFECT FAIR TRADE. All of us are well paid and get paid in time, sometimes even in advance. As I know personally to him, The big problem with him is too kind enough and trust to anybody easily. That is why most of he is cheated and betrayed.

    As I know him very well for a long time, I think; It's a perfect company run by a perfect man. Nirajan keep it up... the way you are doing. All the best.